Michael Gove, Robert Gordon’s & Convicted Paedo William Bain


Bill Bain Employment History & Background info

Head of Science Keil School
Head of Electronics Glenalmond College


Dr Bill Bain B.A.(Hons), MA, PGCE, PhD Bill joined the college in 2001 as a Physics teacher and in 2003 he transferred to teach Technology, specialising in electronics though he also teaches A-level mathematics. He is a residential tutor in Reid’s, coaches senior rugby, organises the Munro Club, is an officer in the CCF and helps run the shooting.

Munro Club   www.glenalmondcollege.co.uk[cached]For more info contact : Mr Bill Bain SOURCE ZoomInfo


Robert Gordon’s College from 1979 to 1987.  Source

Housemaster at Keil School  from 1987/88 source until closure in 2000 source

Glenalmond 2000/01 (above) until sacked in 20??

Robert Gordon College website  wiki
OH MY LORD Check out the notables specifically  *MICHAEL GOVE*

Michael Gove wiki

Gove was born in Edinburgh; at four months old, he was adopted by a Labour-supporting family in Aberdeen, where he was brought up.[8] His adoptive father ran a fish processing business; his adoptive mother was a lab assistant at the University of Aberdeen before working at the Aberdeen School for the Deaf.[9]

In Aberdeen he was educated at a state school, and later attended the independent Robert Gordon’s College, to which he had won a scholarship.[8] In October 2012, Gove wrote an apology letter to his former French teacher for misbehaving in class.[10] From 1985 to 1988 he studied English at Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford,[11] where he served as President of the Oxford Union. He was awarded a 2:1-degree.[12]

Gove became a trainee reporter at the Press and Journal in Aberdeen, where he spent several months on strike in the 1989-1990 dispute over union recognition and representation.[13] He joined the The Times in 1996 as a leader writer and has been its comment editor, news editor, Saturday editor and assistant editor. He has also written a weekly column on politics and current affairs for the Times and contributed to the Times Literary Supplement, Prospect magazine and the Spectator. He remains on good terms with Rupert Murdoch,[1] whom Gove described in evidence before the Leveson Inquiry as “one of the most impressive and significant figures of the last 50 years”.[14] He has also written a sympathetic biography of Michael Portillo.

Gove joined the Oxford University Conservative Association and was secretary of Aberdeen South Young Conservatives.[18] He helped to write speeches for Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet ministers, including Peter Lilley and Michael Howard.[19] When applying for a job at the Conservative Research Department he was told he was “insufficiently political” and “insufficiently Conservative”, so he turned to journalism.[20]

Gove had been chairman of Policy Exchange, a conservative think tank launched in 2002.[21][22] He had a hand in establishing the right-leaning magazine Standpoint, to which he occasionally contributes.[23]

Gove entered Parliament in the 2005 general election having been elected as the Conservative member for the seat of Surrey Heath, after the incumbent MP Nick Hawkins was deselected by the local Conservative Association.[24][25] When Cameron was elected leader in December 2005, he appointed Gove the housing spokesman.[26] Gove is seen as part of an influential set of Tories, sometimes referred to as the Notting Hill Set, which includes David Cameron, George Osborne, Edward Vaizey, Nicholas Boles and Rachel Whetstone.[27]

On 2 July 2007, Gove was promoted to the Shadow Cabinet as Shadow Secretary of State for Children, Schools and Families (a newly created department set up by PM Gordon Brown) shadowing Ed Balls   SOURCE

(Ok then, so to summarise, so far we have established that Gove is a TWAT! No, but really, complete & utter twat!!

He attended Oxford 1985 so likelyhood it was either ’84 or ’85 that he left RGs.

So Gove was at Robert Gordons for SEVERAL YEARS while Paedo Bain was workin there (’79-’87) NOT ONLY were they there at same time, Gove was in Sillerton House.  Bain was Sillerton Housemaster!!

Hmmmm…… I wonder if Gove was any good at science, maths &/or technology?)

Saved by the love of strangers: Michael Gove describes how adoption transformed his life 05.11.11


The Cone Secretary…or how a young Michael Gove fell foul of the law 05.05.10


Is Gove in this pic? He should be, but not a clue. He would about 14 years old in ’81.(possibly boy far left back row? But maybe not!)

Source gordonians archives gallery 1744-1980s 

Capture.JPG    Source

Gove apologises to his former French teacher 23 October 2012


  1. 3 Fires, Keil School, Convicted Paedo William Bain & Royalty!
  2. Paedophile Teacher William Bain JAILED for 6+1/2 yrs
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  4. Scottish Paedophilia: Institutions, Children’s Homes, Schools & Paedo Rings
  5. Paedophile teacher who abused five boys aged 11-12 at top private school finally struck off #WilliamBain

6 thoughts on “Michael Gove, Robert Gordon’s & Convicted Paedo William Bain

  1. There were 4 houses in RGC when I went there..I left in 84… Gove was not a boarder. Not everyone who was in Sillerton House was a boarder, but every boarder was in Sillerton House if that makes sense. The actual boarding house was in the Queen’s Cross area and was called Sillerton House. Bungo Bain was a horrible fucker. I was belted by him. His pal Belly Simpson (who was another physics teacher at the time there) killed himself in his car with a hosepipe through the window after being caught abusing some of the scouts he was in charge of. I believe he did this before the court date. I was belted by him too. I was a cheeky lazy insolent kid who deserved it most of the time tbh

    1. Oh for f*** sake
      God what a violent, abusive, paedo hellhole we live in..
      & as 4u bein a wee bugger, I’m sure you were!! But weren’t we all? (I still am at times!!!) But thats no excuse 2 physically hurt a child. I’ve brought up 5 kids. Dont need 2hit 2b able 2keep control.
      But its not about that is it?
      These bast*rds get some sorta sick sadistic enjoyment out of hurtin a wee bairn.
      The scale o the abuse in this country is just off the scale. 1 in 10 they say have been sexually abused by time they are 18.. & they are VERY conservative figures.
      Its just heartbreaking..

      Thank you so much for commenting. Greatly appreciated.
      You look after yersel eh?!

      BIG LOVE to you & yours. Cat xx

    2. I left in ’90, so beating the kids was verboten by then. Never had Bungo as a teacher, but did go to his after school chess club. Never had any issues with him, and he was popular with kids at the time, so this news came as a surprise to me. Belly Simpson, on the other hand, always looked like a wrong ‘un. He did go to jail, and topped himself in his Lada on release.

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