SNP group has resigned as administration – “unable to command a majority” on Clackmannanshire Council (Droppin Like Flies! Wonder why?)

THE SNP group has resigned as the administration – saying they are “unable to command a majority” on Clackmannanshire Council.


Their incredible move came in response to a paper, submitted by the Labour opposition, which was pushed through during a full meeting at Kilncraigs today (Thursday)

The paper proposed amendments to Standing Orders, which are the written rules that govern council procedures.

Without the backing of independent Councillor Archie Drummond, presently suspended for six-months, the SNP were unable to repel the motion due to votes from the Labour group and Conservative Councillor Alistair Campbell.

The changes included ensuring the convenor of the Resources and Audit Committee is a member of the main opposition group.

Meanwhile, another now requires council to decide the political balance of committees and sub-committees arising as a result of a vacancy, while one allowed for questions to council leaders and convenors during meetings, amongst others.

After what was one of a number of adjournments during the session, the SNP councillors returned to the chamber and announced the party would be resigning as the administration of the council.

Afterwards, leader of the Labour group, Councillor Bobby McGill, described the SNP’s approach as a “dereliction of duty” and feels people in the county have been let down.

However, Councillor Les Sharp, leader of the SNP group, said it is vital those in power have a “degree of control” over appointments.

He said: “The Labour/Tory block vote to such a fundamental matter as the council’s standing orders has made it clear that the SNP are unable to command a majority on Clackmannanshire Council and had no alternative other than to resign administration with immediate effect.

“It is vital that an administration has a degree of control over appointments and without that it is impossible to proceed. It is now over to the Labour group to try and form a majority.

“In the interests of the people of Clackmannanshire, we were willing to proceed with the meeting to take decisions on the important matters on today’s agenda however we were once again out voted by what looks set to become a regular Labour/Tory alliance.”

The paper was passed nine votes to eight; following this elected members were asked for nominations to chair the rest of the meeting.

Cllr Sharp and Cllr McGill were proposed, with the latter chosen after nine votes to eight once more.

Though Cllr McGill received the necessary backing, another vote was then held to postpone the rest of the days’ business as he didn’t feel the group was in a position to present the papers.

He told the Advertiser: “I’m shocked and it’s not the way folk do things. I mean, if you’re in charge of a council you represent the people – you’ve got an obligation to keep the business going.

“I’m just so angry with them for what they’ve done – they’ve let the people of Clackmannanshire down as far as I’m concerned. It’s a disgrace.”

He added: “Me and my group will meet on Monday to discuss what we do.

“We’re not going to have anything sprung on us like we did today so we’re going to think about it over the weekend.

“We have to think about [if] we prepared to take it on and who is going to take what position if we do.”

He added: “At this point and time my personal feelings are that it would seem cowardly of us not to do it, even though I know we’re going into a bad place.

“The people out there deserve somebody to be standing up for them and we can’t just leave it how it is.”

A special meeting of the council will now be required to decide on the way forward.

A spokesperson for Clackmannanshire Council said: “At this morning’s meeting of council, the SNP group resigned its administration.

“This means that at the moment there is no formal political leadership of the council in that the positions of provost, depute provosts, leader, depute leader and those convenorships previously held by the SNP group are vacant.

“A special meeting of council will be convened in due course seeking councillors to fill the vacated positions.” ALLOA ADVERTISER

Assuming this is true,  OH MY GOD?? What an utterly DISGRACEFUL way for all of them to behave! Labour & Tory are bein deliberately obstructive & unhelpful (did you expect any different?!) So what do the SNP do? THROW THEIR TOYS OUT THE PRAM? Of course, who are the ones that will suffer? THE PEOPLE. AS ALWAYS. (Do you all remember the people? They are the MUGS WHO PAY YOUR WAGES!)

You should ALL hang your heads in shame.

Jesus, are you not embarrassed by your RIDICULOUSLY IMMATURE BEHAVIOUR?  Cause I am! & I don’t even live in Clachmannanshire!

If I did I would get them ALL SACKED & then I would sue them for EVERY SINGLE PENNY o their wages back. Breach o Contract for a start.



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