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It is the first time the regulator has fined an MLRO.

The firm did not have adequate anti-money laundering systems and controls in place for verifying and recording clients’ identities, according to the FSA.

Wheelhouse also failed to take reasonable steps to implement adequate procedures for controlling money laundering risk.

FSA head of retail enforcement William Amos says: “It is vital to the integrity of the UK’s financial markets that regulated firms are not used by criminals to launder money. Senior management must implement and follow procedures that meet our requirements so that the risks their firms face are properly managed.

“This fine is a warning to firms and individuals about the importance of complying with our rules in this area and we will not hesitate to clamp down on failures, where necessary.” READ IN FULL 

FSA fines Sindicatum Holdings Ltd and MLRO for money laundering controls failings (Oct 2008)

Source  The article then continues to join the dots and I wasn’t in the least surprised to see the vile cunt Derek Laud’s name crop up.  What I didn’t know was that the sick fuck Laud was in business with Bear Grylls, the ‘survival’ expert… Or so he would have you believe:

Derek Laud also shares a business with scout-leader Bear Grylls, whose father was Tory MP, Sir Michaels Grylls.

Bear Grylls, is also the director of a company called Future Fuels No1 LLPalong with Sean Patrick Rocks    company check  


Patrick Rock is a close adviser to David Cameron and was a protégé of Margaret ThatcherHe was recently arrested for having child-abuse images on his laptop. colemanexperience

Now, I have to say that I have heard whispers about Grylls before, but the fact that he is in business with the child raping, sick cunt Laud – who can be linked to numerous murders – dispels any area of doubt in my mind, that he too must be a nonce. Mind you, the fact that he was a scout leader should have been enough to do that.

And if you think that I am being harsh towards Scout Leaders, I suggest that you do what I have to do seven days a week… Look into it. Course, Bare Arse Grylls career has gone from strength to strength and the reason for that now also becomes blatantly obvious. Yet, like all of the slack arsed, spawn of the elite, Grylls is only a pretend ‘hard man’: To viewers of his TV series, Bear Grylls is the daredevil adventurer who catapults himself into world’s worst ‘hellholes’ and then survives on his wits alone. But it has emerged that far from roughing it in brutal environments, the former SAS man actually spent nights in hotels during filming of his Channel 4 show.

The Eton- educated 33-year- old is also alleged to have choreographed parts of Born Survivor, with many of his spectacular stunts carefully set up by the production crew. DAILY MAIL

Grylls business partner Dog Shit Del is of course, good friends with the Cunt Camerons – least he was until it became dangerous to have your name associated with one of the sickest fucks ever to walk this earth.

I am of course referring to the Dick Del, although the Cunt Cameron is also one of the sickest fucks ever to walk this earth. Source Chris Spivey 

(I am not sure if this is same man. It is VERY possible, but i can’t find anything to back it up. The only thing i did manage to find was from Telegraph, which states the following.. “Patrick Rock, born Patrick Robert John Rock de Besombes, is a veteran Conservative Party adviser and has been described as David Cameron’s “fixer”. London-born Mr Rock, 62, is from an aristocratic family and attended Stonyhust College in Lancashire before winning a scholarship to Worcester College, Oxford, where he studied history.” So whether its the same bloke.. I HAVE NO IDEA, although i did note his wiki page is suspiciously lacking any personal details? & MSM has a track record for bullshite!)

The Hamiltons wiki

On 4 June 1983, five days before polling day in the 1983 general election, Hamilton married Mary Christine Holman, the secretary to Tory MP Michael Grylls,[95] in Cornwall. In September 2003, after having a residence in the Tatton constituency for twenty years, the Hamiltons moved to Hullavington, Wiltshire, where they purchased a home in October 2004.

On 12 March 1983 Hamilton was selected as the Conservative candidate for the newly created Tatton constituency. Three months later, at the 1983 general election Hamilton was elected to Parliament as MP for Tatton. On entering the Commons, Hamilton was appointed as an officer of the backbench committee on Trade & Industry under the chairmanship of Michael Grylls.[8]

On 3 July 1997, the enquiry found Hamilton guilty of taking “cash for questions”. The Independent wrote, “Sir Gordon, contrary to Hamilton’s confident expectations, had no compunction about concluding that he did indeed take cash in brown envelopes” and called the new Party Leader to “expel the miscreants”.[75] Hamilton, Smith (also found guilty), Brown and Michael Grylls were harshly criticised. If Hamilton and Smith had remained in parliament, Downey said he might have recommended long periods of suspension for both. Hamilton rejected these findings, whereas Smith, who had stood down, accepted them, apologised for his conduct, and retired from politics altogether.


Napier Anthony Stuart Marten

A voice told me: shave head and give up £115m

The heir to a Dorset estate has told why he walked out to live in a lorry and watch whales March 2013. THE heir to one of Britain’s finest country estates has revealed how he renounced his £115m inheritance for a life of whale-watching, spiritual discovery and tree surgery.

Napier Marten said that he gave up the family seat of the Crichel estate in Dorset to obey a voice “inside of me saying daily and sometimes many times daily to shave my head and go to Australia”.

Marten, 54, disclosed how he made the decision “pretty much overnight” when he realised that, despite “great privilege”, he had got to a point “where everything in my life materially was a completely empty shell”.

His elder son, Maximilian, will now inherit the 5,000-acre estate, which includes four villages, a cricket club and an ornamental lake, when he turns 25 in October. source

Napier Anthony Sturt Marten1 Last Edited=24 Dec 2008 son of Lt.-Cdr. George Gosselin Marten and Hon. Mary Anna Sibell Elizabeth Sturt.2,1 He married Virginie Charlotte Camu, daughter of Alain R. E. Camu and Virginia Charlotte Theresa Crossley, in 1986.1
He was decorated with the award of the Distinguished Service Cross (D.S.C.)1 He was invested as a Lieutenant, Royal Victorian Order (L.V.O.)1

Children of Napier Anthony Sturt Marten and Virginie Charlotte Camu 

OBITUARY He married, in 1965, Sally Ford, the stepdaughter of the former Conservative minister Nigel Fisher. She survives him together with their son and a daughter

Company Appointments – Current and Previous

Which leads to~~

screenshot_20161016-140413Non-Executive Director from Aberdeen. This person was born in April 1956 and is 60 years old. MR BRENDAN WYNNE DEREK CONNOLLY is British and resident in Uk. This company officer is, or was, associated with 11 Companies. Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to SAFETY AND SURVIVAL SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL LTD on 2014-07-21, from which they resigned on 2015-12-18.

Fit Fur Life leads to~~

JAMES CAAN – LONDON – CHIEF EXEC MR JAMES CAAN is a Chief Exec from London. This person was born in November 1961 and is 54 years old. MR JAMES CAAN DRAGONS DEN is British and resident in United Kingdom. This company officer is, or was, associated with 126 Companies.

Their most recent appointment, in our records, was to THE EXSURGO PARTNERSHIP LIMITED on 2015-06-08.
58 Hamilton Terrace (Aisha Caan his wife)
Carlton Hill
NW8 0JX   – Which leads to Pandora sharp Edinburgh
Roderick james perigrin Mackenzie smith SINDICATUM

sindicatum website    Board of Directors

Sindicatum’s Board of Directors benefits from the presence of a collection of leading talents in a diverse group of industries and professions.

  • Assaad Razzouk CEO
  • Robert (Bob) Driscoll President
  • Michael Boardman CFO

Weather Modification 101 – Meteo Systems – Sindicatum

Heavens Task Force: Michael Bloomberg’s longtime partner

08/10/2011 · … Diana L. TaylorSindicatum Carbon Capital is a climate change and sustainable resources company headquartered in Singapore. … Chemtrails in Hawaii

Sindicatum Carbon Capital.
Sindicatum Carbon Capital is a climate change and sustainable resources company headquartered in Singapore.
Sindicatum Carbon Capital (or SCC) uses its own expertise and capital to develop climate change mitigation projects from conception through to implementation and long-term operation, working in partnership with companies and governments to deliver cost effective means by which to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Areas of specialization include abating GHG emissions from the waste management and natural resource sectors, as well as biomass and energy efficiency applications.




Address Change (29.06.12)  6 SNOW HILL EC1A 2AY   Source



extract.. SCCF – Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation – About Us

SCCF is in a unique position as a Climate Change foundation because it is part of Sindicatum Sustainable Resources Ltd. (“SSR”) SCCF – Sindicatum Climate Change Foundation – a leading project finance company active in the emissions abatement and clean energy markets. This background helps to develop a pragmatic and commercially-savvy approach to charitable activities around the world.

Sindicatum Renewable Energy takes us right back to HERE 

Senior Management

Sindicatum’s Senior Management consists of the heads of Sindicatum’s functional and geographic business areas, each of whom is an expert in their specialization and is responsible for day to day management, project execution and business development.

  1. Assaad Razzouk CEO

  2. Robert (Bob) Driscoll President

  3. Michael Boardman CFO

  4. Bobby Jimenez Chief Technology Officer

  5. David Creedy Managing Director, CMM & VAM

  6. Devin Narang Managing Director

  7. Jay Mariyappan Managing Director

  8. John Savage Managing Director

  9. Michelle O’Hare Managing Director

  10. Nicholas Kelly Legal Director

  11. Stanley Lim Managing Director

  12. Hubert Liu Senior Vice President

DU TOIT, Renita

address 25 Eccleston Place, London, SW1W 9NF Appointed 16 Jan 2009

KELLY, Nicholas Tara    (See above no 10 legal director)

address 25 Eccleston Place, London, SW1W 9NF
DOB Nov 1967  Appointed on 15 Feb 2012

Sindicatum Limited | ZoomInfo

Mr. Kelly regularly lectures externally (“UK Renewables Obligation” at EnergyForum, Copenhagen 2002 & 2003 Green Certificates & Emissions Trading Conference; Eye For Energy North Sea Finance Conference 2005: raising funds on the AIM market for new entrants) as well as conducting legal training for the Firm’s clients source

PUTTNAM, David Terence, Lord      WIKI

address 33 Duke Street, London, W1U 1JY. DOB Feb 1941 Appointed 16 Jan 2009


address 66 Parliament Street, London, NW3 2TB DOB March 1955 Appointed  16 Jan 2009
Alok Verma links 2 TRICAP International (hampstead)

STONE, Andrew Zelig, Lord    WIKI 

address Flat 10 Saint Gabriels Manor, 25 Cormont Road, London, SE5 9RH 
DOB Sept 1942 Appoint 16 Jan 2009 Resigned  15 Feb 2012


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  2. Derek! Who The F*** Is Derek? – Chris Spivey
  3. COLEMAN EXPERIENCE Laud, Big Bro, 7/7, David Cameron




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