Kate Dalrymple: Lyrics & Translation

For those who don’t know, The Corries were two VERY talented Scottish folk singers, who wrote Flower o Scotland!  (watch here) I have put a few o my favs a bottom o page!

Kate Dalrymple wiki

The Corries version (De-Scotified & Englificated)

In a wee cot hoose far across the muir, (cottage across moor)
Where pea-weeps, plovers, and waups cry dreary (lapwing, plovers & curlew)
Liv’d an auld maid for mony a lang year (many a long)
Never a lover came tae caa her dearie.
Lonely lassie was Kate Dalrymple,
Thrifty quine was Kate Dalrymple; (quine is Doric for young girl)
Nae music, at a but the clair burnie’s wimple (sound of clear twisting stream)
Could be heard doon at dwallin place o’ Kate Dalrymple.

Face had a smack o’ the gruesome an’ grim, (She was pug ugly)
From the attention of all lovers did defend her; 
Her long Roman nose reachin down to her chin,
It puts you in mind of the witch o’ Endor
Wiggle in her walk had Kate Dalrymple,
Snivel in her talk had Kate Dalrymple;
An’ many a carnelian an’ cairngorm pimple, (Cairngorms are mountains)
Was hanging from the craggy face o’ Kate Dalrymple (craggy=rugged, rocky, haggard)

Such are the ups an the downs in life,
The dice o fate fallin tapsalteerie; (topsey turvey)
Kate fell heir to a rich estate

Never lots o’ lovers wid she gang weary; (grow tired)
Lawyer came a-wooin o’ Kate Dalrymple,
Provost and a priest saught Kate Dalrymple, (A Provost is a Mayor)
Every lovers’ face had love smiling dimple;
Now they dinnae caa her Kate, they caa her Miss Dalrymple.

Happen then she thought when she lived by hersel,
She could marry Willie Speedyspool, the sarkin weaver; (a very fast shirt weaver!!) Unto Willie she the secret did tell,
For love more interested did receive her; (he loved her! Aww!!)
Flung by his beddle for Kate Dalrymple (Beddle is church dude so gave up his religion)
Burned his treddle for Kate Dalrymple (his spinning wheel)
Tho’ his right eye was scaly and his left leg was limp,
Well he’s won the heart and got the hand o’ Kate Dalrymple

Traditional version William Watt (1792-1859)

(nobody ever sings this version. Do they?)

In a wee cot house far across the muir
Where pease-weeps, plovers, an’ waups cry dreary,
There liv’d an’ auld maid for mony lang years,
Wha ne’er a woo-er did e’er ca’, dearie.
A lanely lass was Kate Dalrymple,
A thrifty quean was Kate Dalrymple;
Nae music, exceptin’ the clear burnie’s wimple,
Was heard round the dwellin’ o’ Kate Dalrymple.

Her face had a smack o’ the gruesome an’ grim,
That did frae the fash o’ a’ woo-ers defend her;
Her long Roman nose nearly met wi’ her chin,
That brang folk in mind o’ the auld witch o’ Endor.
A wiggle in her walk had Kate Dalrymple,
A sniggle in her talk had Kate Dalrymple;
An’ mony a cornelian an’ cairngorm pimple,
Did blaze on the dun face o’ Kate Dalrymple.

She span terry woo’ the hale winter thro’
For Kate ne’er was lazy, but eident and thrifty;
She wrocht ‘mang the peats, coil’d the hay, shor the corn,
An’ supported her sel’ by her ain hard shift aye.
But ne’er a lover came to Kate Dalrymple,
For beauty an’ tocher wanted Kate Dalrymple;
Unheeded was the quean, baith by gentle and simple,
A blank in existence seem’d puir Kate Dalrymple.

But mony are the ups an’ the downs in life,
When the dice-box o’ fate’s jumbled a’ tapsal-teerie,
Sae Kate fell heiress to a rich frien’s estate,
An’ nae langer for woo-ers had she cause to weary.
The Laird came a-wooin’ soon o’ Kate Dalrymple,
The Lawyer, scrapin’, bowin’, fan oot Kate Dalrymple;
Owre ilk woo-ers face was seen love’s smilin’ dimple,
Sae noo she’s nae mair, Kate, but Miss Dalrymple.

She often times thocht when she dwelt by hersel’,
She could wed Willie Speedyspool, the sarkin’ weaver;
An noo unto Will she the secret did tell,
Wha for love or for interest did kindly receive her.
He flung by his beddles soon for Kate Dalrymple,
He brent a’ his treddles doon for Kate Dalrymple;
Tho’ his richt e’e doth skellie an’ his left leg doth limp ill,
He’s won the heart an’ got the hand o’ Kate Dalrymple.





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