Highland Councillor Quits SNP As Count Begins


Cllr Billy McAllister

Glasgow SNP Councillor Quits & Blasts Stalinist Party

Cllr Billy McAllister 24 Apr 2016
 A senior SNP councillor in Glasgow has quit the party after claiming he was gagged over concerns he raised about the governance of a local food bank.
Billy McAllister, who made his name as a politician who challenged organised crime in the city, said the party leadership in the city is “intolerant” of free speech.
He also said the SNP is becoming like Scottish Labour and said he is “very sad” to resign.
However, a party spokesperson said the councillor had been given a “final written warning” over his “behaviour toward colleagues”.A member of the SNP for over 20 years, McAllister was elected in 2006 as the councillor for Milton after a by-election and rose to become the party’s deputy leader on the local authority.
During his successful election campaign, Nicola Sturgeon said: “Billy has a great track record in helping the local community as an activist, but he will be able to do so much more as a councillor. I want him as part of the SNP team in the city chambers that stands up for our communities against Labour misrule.”
He launched high-profile campaigns and was vocal in calling for a crime family to be evicted from the council-funded Chirnsyde community centre in his area.
However, he also had well-documented difficulties, such as being fined £200 in 2014 after swearing and acting in an aggressive manner towards a man in Glasgow.

JIM SILLARS Ex Deputy of the SNP

Sillars “couldn’t care less” if SNP expel him. As he steps up campaign for SNP rivals #VoteRISE #Sco


No goin so well for the SNP recently..

Wee Free Minister calls them Satanists

Two o their long standin councillors quit

Jim Sillars is supportin RISE

They lost their majority hold (SNP must work with parties it spent years humiliating)




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