ScotCops & Sheku’s Murder: 1 year on, Scotland hasn’t forgotten #JusticeForSheku


Anything written in purple is 100% MY OPINION. Which I formed through reading & following this case! Anything else, I copied word for word from other sources, links to which are in blue!

Copper in Sheku Bayoh scandal takes Celtic selfie on sick leave one year after incident and insists she is still traumatised   1.5.16

Nicole Short claims this is the first time she enjoyed a day out since the incident (aye CLAIMS being the operative word)

Two officers involved in the fracas that led to the death of Sheku Bayoh have been off sick on full pay since his death a year ago

It is not known when, or if, PCs Alan Paton and Nicole Short will return to work.

(For a start. Why are they still being paid? If this was a simple case of a copper being seriously injured in the line o duty,  then fair enough. But this is an utter piss take at the expense o the tax payers. Only reason they are on gardening leave is because they, & whoever else at police Scotland, don’t want them facing the court questioning.. Why is that I wonder hmm??)

Sheku died on May 3, 2015, after being restrained by up to nine ­officers responding to reports of a man carrying a knife in the street (Carrying a knife MY ARSE, Who made this alleged report & how? I am assuming they mean someone saw him with a knife! Did they phone in to report it? If so, lets see the phone records. If they did it in person, CCTV footage! AYE RIGHT!!)

Sheku Bayoh died in police custody after he was restrained by nine police officers (NINE? Jesus Christ, to need nine ScotCops, only using reasonable force, we can only assume Sheku was built like a tank! He musta bin ENORMOUS to need that many coppers to restrain him. Wich makes me wonder, why the hell would a giant wi more muscles than Schwarzenegger need 2 carry a knife?)

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 Six months after his death, it was reported that Paton, 42, had ­previously faced charges for a ­violent assault on his own parents. The case did not go to trial. (Oh look another one that didn’t go to trial.. At this rate, I’m gonna start thinking police Scotland are “ABOVE THE LAW”)

It was claimed he had allegedly told friends: “I’m a total racist, I hate all blacks.”

He could not be reached for comment last week.(Man up will ye. If yer a racist arsehole, least have the balls to stand by yer “beliefs”  Or is PC actually short for Pathetic Coward?)

Short faces charges in a separate case of illegally accessing ­information on police computers.

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Her case was postponed at ­Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court in ­February after her solicitor said ­psychological and neurological assessments were still being ­carried out.

The court heard Short had been involved in an ­“incident in ­Kirkcaldy” that had led to a ­“complicated medical state”. (It is not complicated! It’s a COVER UP)

She was hurt during the incident involving Bayoh but was ­discharged shortly after being taken to hospital. (Funny that, cause Sheku was injured that day too!  Well, when I say injured.. I mean MURDERED)

Short, 30, denies three charges under the Data Protection Act.

Nicole Short said she went to Celtic Park with her dad, on her first outing since the incident (Footie wi dad, how lovely.. Thanks to police Scotland, Sheku’s bairns don’t have that luxury)

Nicole Short said she went to Celtic Park with her dad, on her first outing since the incident

Meanwhile, Short posted pictures on Twitter of herself at Celtic Park while she was signed off sick ­following the death.(she isnt exactly peely wally is she? Nice rosy cheeks!)

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She said yesterday: “It was the first time I’d been out since the incident happened. It was a test to see how I would get on and my dad was right beside me.” (I don’t believe a bloody word o that. Seriously expect us to believe she aint stepped foot outside for a year? You are takin the piss sweetheart, nice skin tone tho!)

She confirmed she was still off work sick but said she was unable to comment further.

Scottish Police ­Federation ­secretary Calum Steele said last week: “Given the trauma associated with the event, it is only right and proper that the service looks after the officers in terms of their pay.” (AAAAAHHHHHHHHH!! So SHE is traumatised?? She’s startin to do my nut in!)

Police Scotland said they would not comment on individuals, (Anythin they say is utter shite anyway so, does it really matter??)

The full Police ­Investigation and Review Commissioner’s report into Sheku’s death is still to be ­submitted to the Crown Office.

It is understood the report is still some weeks away. Action could follow, including a fatal accident inquiry, criminal charges against the ­officers involved or action under health and safety legislation against Police Scotland.

Sheku Bayoh’s partner Colette Bell has said his family will “not rest until they have the truth” about his death (You are absolutely right. You should fight them. Good for you!)

A PIRC spokesman said the probe was ongoing. He added: “An interim report was submitted to the Crown Office on August 7.

“The Commissioner continues to act on the instructions of the Lord Advocate and a further report will be submitted in due course. It would be inappropriate to go into details during a live investigation.”

Family: We’ll not give up until we have justice

(I hope police scotland are taking notes. THIS is courage, hidin away on paid leave, no so much!.But then, I suppose Sheku’s family have MANY things goin in their favour that Police Scotland don’t. Like, honesty, integrity & a need for the truth & justice. Police Scotland lack all o them, especially the last two!)

Collette Bell and the couple’s five month old son, Issac

The mum and sister of a man who died while being restrained by police have told how they fear it will take years before the truth emerges about the case. (Unfortunately, she is probably right. They are intent on makin this as difficult as possible for the family)

It is the anniversary of the death of Sheku Bayoh on Tuesday. He died while being restrained by up to nine officers responding to a report of a man carrying a knife.

The dad of two was found to have more than 20 facial cuts and bruises. He had ­petechial ­haemorrhages in his eyes – a symptom of ­asphyxiation.

Sheku also had a fractured rib and a large graze on his chest

His family say they have spent a year of sleepless nights ­waiting for answers. (Disgusin. I was gonna say Police Scotland should hang their heads in shame. But to feel shame, you need a conscience & its blatantly obvious that ScotCops are sorely lackin in that department)

Sheku’s sister Kadi, 38, a nurse and mum of two, of Kirkcaldy, said: “We feel the police went out of control on the day Sheku died. In the year which has passed, we feel they were ­expecting us not to ask any ­questions, to accept what has happened as some kind of ­accident. That is never going to ­happen. Sheku was a decent, family man with no criminal ­convictions. Police told us he had been involved in a forceful arrest and we just felt sick. The alarm bells went off straight away. That first day, we heard around five ­different ­versions of events from police concerning what had happened. Despite the fact our loved one had died, police were coming and going from our house repeatedly, asking questions of a bereaved family. What sort of people do that?” (The sort that are selfish, thoughtless, arseholes that are far to busy covering their own backs to gi a flyin shite about anyone else!! Or as some would say, Freemasons. No me tho!!  I’m goin wi arseholes!!)

Sheku’s family are still waiting for answers

Sheku's family are still waiting for answersSheku's family are still waiting for answers

Sheku’s mum Aminata, 68, added: “What happened to my dear son was so hard to take – and we have been kept in the dark ever since. They have even tried to blacken his name which we just think is unbe­lievable.”

The mum of four lives in Sierra Leone, where Sheku was born, but has spent months with Sheku’s ­sisters in the UK since his death. She added: “We will not give up until we have justice.”

Sheku’s ­partner Collette, 27, mum to his son Isaac, who was born four months before Sheku’s death, added

“The past year has been so testing, difficult and­ ­heartbreaking. Losing him is hard enough without the pain of waiting for the PIRC report.  It breaks my heart we have missed out on the future we should have had as a family. I put my trust in PIRC but I don’t believe in them any more. I just hope the Lord Advocate does not betray our trust.” (Don’t trust ANY of them. PLEASE! They will ALL cover each others backs)

The family’s lawyer Aamer Anwar said: “Use of force has to be lawful, proportionate and ­necessary in the circumstances. His family ask did Sheku attack the police first or did they attack him first? One thing the family has learned is he did not brandish a knife nor was one found on him.” (EXACTLY so wot the hell were ScotCops doin?)

Assistant Chief Constable Kate Thomson said: “I wish to reassure the community in Kirkcaldy and the public that the Police Service of Scotland, including all the officers involved, are committed to continuing to work with the Crown Office and PIRC to ensure we fully understand the circumstances that led to the death of Sheku Bayoh.” (SIT THE FUK DOWN & SHUT YER HOLE! I’d put money on you knowing the truth!) dailyrecord

Officer at centre of Sheku Bayoh case accused of data protection breach 25 Jun 2015 

THE policewoman at the centre of a case involving the death of a man in custody is facing criminal proceedings over alleged data protection breaches.

Nicole Short, who is said to have been attacked by Sheku Bayoh before he died in police custody  (Sometimes it’s what people DON’T say that important. Notice they say They use “said to have been attacked”  They don’t say- who WAS attacked! Lovely wording!)

is due to appear in court in August to face three allegations under the Data Protection Act.The 29-year-old constable is accused of illegally accessing confidential information on the Police Scotland computer system in October 2012. She is the officer who the Police Federation claim “feared for her life” as she was attacked by Mr Bayoh in an incident in Kirkcaldy on May 3. (PC Short, ScotCops & the Police Fed are all fukin LIARS. “feared for her life?” I fell offa my seat when I read that! She is in the wrong job! Shooda been a comedian!) Read in full TheHerald

Sheku Bayoh: Police officer injured during struggle that led to dad-of-two’s death faces charges of data breach  25-06-15

PC Nicola Short, who has pled not guilty to three data protection breaches, is set to stand trial at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court on August 19.   Read in full dailyrecord

Police officer ‘too unwell’ to stand trial on data protection charges  31 July 2015

Police officer “too unwell to stand trial” on data protection charges, court’s been told.

PC Nicole Short was involved in the struggle before the death of father-of-two Sheku Bayoh in May this year, and was said to have been badly injured.

She was due to appear for trial at Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court next month accused of illegally accessing information on the police computer system in 2012.

The Police Federation says she suffered “significant” injuries during the incident which led to the 31-year-old’s death in Kirkcaldy.(She managed to go to the footie ok tho eh??)
A pre-trial hearing was due to be held next week in the data protection case However, lawyers acting on her behalf had the case “accelarated” to Friday with the agreement of prosecutors.

PC Short is accused of accessing confidential information relating to two men on the Police Scotland computer system in October 2012.

Ross Cameron of PBW Law, defending, told Kirkcaldy Sheriff Court that PC Short had been involved in an “incident in Kirkcaldy” that had led to a “complicated medical state” (aww she’s just a poor wee delicate flower) He said..

“She maintains her plea of not guilty and her attendance is excused. Quite simply, she is currently not fit for trial due to a complicated medical state following on from an incident in Kirkcaldy. She is seeking assistance from various medical professionals.She is due to meet a clinical psychologist next week for him to complete a report. That is to be discussed with the Crown for future consideration.”

The move to postpone the trial was not opposed by the Crown. (Surprise, surprise!)

PC Short, 29, of Glenrothes, Fife, pleaded not guilty on summary complaint to three charges under the Data Protection Act. PC Nicole Short is accused of obtaining personal data relating to two men from Fife Constabulary’s Crimefile system and the Scottish Intelligence Database for non-policing purposes.

Sheriff Alistair Thornton said: “In all the circumstances I will grant the motion to discharge the intermediate diet and trial diet and ask for new dates to be set.”

PC Short will now stand trial on December 21, but has been excused from attending a pre-trial hearing earlier that month.

In a statement released after Sheku Bayoh’s death, Professor Peter Watson, the Police Federation’s legal advisor said: (Oh, its Professor Watson now! When did he start using professor? )

“The officer injured remains off work, has had several hospital visits and is now in rehabilitation. An examination by a leading consultant confirms her injuries were significant. The injuries have been documented and photographed.”

Mr Bayoh, 31, collapsed and died after being restrained by several officers who were following up reports of a suspect wielding a knife.

(HE DID NOT just “collapse” & has this knife ever appeared? Has it hell as like. Total bollox made up by police Scotland in a pathetic attempt to justify murdering Sheku)

The father-of-two’s family – who say they received differing stories on how he died following the incident – and his partner Colette have been campaigning for answers.

The case is currently being investigated by police watchdog, the Police Investigations & Review Commissioner (PIRC), however calls have been made for a review of its powers in light of Mr Bayoh’s case.

(For the love o god! They think we are so stupid we’ll swallow any shite they feed us! Police Scotland should perhaps remember that long after some o them are collecting their pension-or pieces o silver-Sheku has two wee boys & they will grow up, might be GIANTS like their dad!! But they are gonna wanna know why their Daddy wasnt there, why he was stolen from them. THIS IS NOT GONNA GO AWAY. If the family don’t get the answers they deserve, 15 yrs from now when every one has forgotten their names, ScotCops will get a knock on the door – in a legal sense – So I hope they enjoy retirement while they can, cause they may very well end up spending some o it behind bars! Assuming that when arrested they aint murdered by next load o corrupt cops!!)

ScotCops STILL Gettin Away Wi Murder: 13months & STILL NO CAUSE OF DEATH #Justice4Sheku
WTF is wrong wi Fife?!
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