Kate Gwynne {or is it Emma?} earrings, a face transplant & ET

For those who don’t know about Bailey Gwynne’s murder.. You can catch up here

WTF HAPPENED TO HIS LEFT EAR?! Why is it 3 foot higher & quarter o size o right ear? & his neck merges wi the wall!! 86377115_baileygwynne.jpg

⬇ John Henderson {Bailey’s step dad} I wonder if IMPOSSIBLY long fingers is a family trait. Is he ET’s wee bro? {hand nicely blurred too!}


 original pic  ⬇ Pendant & brooch WHAT IS GROWING FROM HER CHIN? Is it an earring??


(Left original pic & it is an ABSOLUTE BEAUTY!) ⬆ WHAT’S UP WI HER LEFT LEG? & for fuck sake sweetheart you’re at court for the trial of your sons murderer. Could you not have polished yer shoes?!

⬇ Zoom in on her face, She has a square on her face!! 😂😂 DID SHE HAVE A FACE TRANSPLANT? {note no moles warts spots}


⬇ is same pic but screenshot frm express.co.uk  EMMA Gwynne? Thought her name’s Kate?


original pic

Clean top might have been nice ya minger & what’s your issue wi earrings?! Presumably took 1 earring off?! Or put one on?? ⬇


Both pics ⬇ she has 2 plooky spot things on forehead & one on nose


⬆ Is she off her face? She looks very dopey & seriously is that REALLY her bestestest sad face? ⬇ Another earring issue??


⬇ Good God his entire body!! Look at the angle he’s standin at!! & do i REALLY need to point out the hand again? Think i will anyway!!


{ screenshots}  TWO mainstream “news”papers KNOW that John HANDerson is Bailey’s dad despite the different surname..  But apparently neither one of them managed to work out that the MYSTERIOUS woman is Kate / Emma GWYNNE! & IS BAILEY’S MOTHER!!


Bailey.. Aye eye!

As i was lookin at all the pics, i couldn’t help but notice how much John HANDerson looks like  Rhys Ifans 




W i l d C a t



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