Tommy Sheridan launches petition to have UK legalise cannabis

Tommy Sheridan launches petition to have UK legalise cannabis  13th March 2016

The former Solidarity MSP, launched the petition earlier, in a bid to legalise what he calls the “non-criminal action” of using cannabis, and directing the money raised from taxing the drug into drug treatment programmes. The Herald article in full here
“The consumption of cannabis is a recreational choice not a criminal act. To criminalise such a non-criminal action is not only expensive and counter productive it is also hypocritical in light of the legal availability of much more damaging drugs like alcohol. The money raised from taxing the legal sales of cannabis can be directed into proper drug treatment and rehabilitation services. Drug use is a medical and social issue not a criminal problem. Forcing supply to be controlled by criminal gangs is a big part of the problem and is no part of the solution. Society should be waging war on poverty not recreational drugs.Sign the petition and call on the Home Office to legalise, licence, regulate and tax cannabis but prohibit promotion or advertising.”   Tommy Sheridan

UK Govt Sack Drugs Advisor Over Opinion of

Alcohol & Tobacco vs Cannabis & Ecstasy!

10 Non-Medical Benefits of Marijuana

Cannabis is usually used in two circumstances; for medicinal purposes or recreational. If you don’t use it either way, you may wonder why anyone would ever consume it. Marijuana is becoming increasingly popular to treat those who need it as a medical aid or medicine. It has countless uses to treat an array of illnesses from cancer to epilepsy, to glaucoma. On the contrary, those who use it recreationally can sometimes get a bad wrap from society – ‘stoner, burn out, hippie…’ you get the picture.
The thing is there are many benefits recreational users can obtain by smoking or consuming marijuana. It’s not just for the sick. Here’s 10 benefits for those who aren’t ill
1. Unlock your creativity.  You may find you are more inventive, artistic and innovative.
2. Become closer with your friends.    Deep conversations bring you closer to your friends, connecting you in ways your sober mind wouldn’t think possible. For those scared to be too vulnerable don’t worry, these moments will come in between hilarious, rolling on the floor laughing conversations too.
3. Food is more delicious.  Your senses are heightened. So everything is tastier!
4. Thinking outside the box.  Marijuana can unlock different ways of thinking..
5. Bring you & others onto the same wavelength, everyone just “gets it”
6. Feel playful.  As an adult you have serious commitments. This can be stressful and leave you  drained. Marijuana can bring back your playful, child-like side. It can bring a temporary giddiness that allows you to escape from your normal day-to-day crud and make you feel bit like a kid again.
7. Enjoy the small things life has to offer.  Cannabis allows you to see the regular things of life differently. After you smoke, get outside. Take in the beauty our world had to offer. Listen to some good tunes. You will hear and feel the music on a deeper level.
8.Different perspective.  Since you’re in a creative, open state, you may begin to see things from a different perspective. People use marijuana to experience higher forms of life. It can leave people feeling happier and more compassionate and perhaps with a different perspective than your sober state of mind.
9. Energize your senses.  Forget the coffee buzz. Some strains of marijuana can get you moving in the mornings. Try sativa strains – these strains will give you a perky, head high that will re-energize you when you need it.
10. Give yourself a break from others, work, stress, reality.  Although smoking can be a social thing – you can also make it about you. Take the “me” time that you really need. Depending on the strain you prefer, you can use the time to get creative, focus or just feel lazy and veg for a while. The point is to step away from reality for a little bit and focus on you.
So there you have it. Marijuana isn’t just for people who are sick, or for the quote on quote “stoners”. Weed can be something enjoyed by everyone for an array of different reasons

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