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SAVILE 1980 – 1988

This press item was previously posted in the thread Jimmy Savile 1973-1979

Daily Mirror, September 8th 1973

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Jimmy Savile 1980-1988

January 5 2013 at 1:28 PM

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‘..Ten weeks after the launch of Operation Yewtree, police recorded 199 crimes in 17 force areas in which Savile is a suspect, with 31 allegations of rape…’ Daily Mail, January 2012

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1981 Press Cuttings

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Television – Jim’ll Fix It – Edward Heath – BBC Shepherd’s Bush Theatre, London

Former Prime Minister Edward Heath (right) and Jimmy Savile rehearse for an episode of Jim’ll Fix It at the BBC Shepherd’s Bush Theatre. Mr Heath will be conducting an orchestral piece at the request of viewer, and composer, Sybil Howlett.

Ref #: PA.14962928

Date: 22 Feb 1980

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

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Royals arrive at Variety Performance 1984

Uploaded on 24 Feb 2011

19 November, 1984. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, the Prince and Princess of Wales and Princess Margaret’s daughter Lady Sarah arrive at the Theatre Royal in London for the Royal Variety Performance.

Jimmy Savile and Prince Philip at Stoke Mandeville Hospital – Buckinghamshire

Patients at Stoke Mandeville Hospital in Buckinghamshire enjoy afternoon tea with Prince Philip and TV presenter Jimmy Savile.

Ref #: PA.14897519

Date: 20 Nov 1984

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Availability: Worldwide

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Published on 23 Oct 2013

Corrie spoke out 30 years ago… Starting April 5 1976 – the Granada+ Classic Coronation Street series.

Now more than ten consecutive years of Classic Corrie (1000+ episodes). Playlist by playlist with barely half a dozen missing….


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Item in The Independent on Sunday, October 14th 2012, referring back to 1987:

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Here’s a photo from the ‘Pillow Talk’ interview with Emma Freud…

[linked image]

Emma Freud
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

…On television, she initially worked on cable television programmes for children, before co-presenting LWT’s The Six O’Clock Show from 1986. In 1987, she co-hosted TVS’s travel quiz for children, Worldwise. Later that year, she briefly earned a certain media notoriety for presenting a chat show, Pillow Talk, in which she interviewed guests whilst in bed with them, as part of LWT’s late-night strand Night Network. In one episode, she interviewed Jeffery Archer whilst he was seemingly completely naked although both later confessed that he did in fact have Y-Fronts on.

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‘PRINCE CHARLES was the star of a glittering 40th birthday party at Buckingham Palace last night.

More than 200 VIPs and close friends arrived in chauffeur-driven limousines for the caviar and champagne bash thrown by the Queen.


Among the first to arrive was Mrs. Patty Palmer-Tomkinson, still on crutches after being badly injured in the Klosters skiing tragedy that killed Charles’s friend Major Hugh Lindsay.

Bruno Sprecher, the Prince’s skiing party guide at Klosters, was also there, as well as the Duchess of York’s father Major Ronald Ferguson, Sir Harry Secombe, Billy Connolly and Jimmy Savile……………’

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Alan Franey Friend of Savile Is Now A Conservative Councillor In Buckinghamshire

Posted on June 18, 2013

‘Savile got Franey the job in Broadmoor so that Franey could then promote Savile to the position of Entertainments Manager.’

Independent Wednesday 04 June 1997

‘Alan Franey, the chief executive of Broadmoor Hospital in Berkshire, which houses some of Britain’s most dangerous patients, is to leave his post next month it emerged last night.

The hospital, which was the subject of an inquiry earlier this year following allegations that a child paedophile ring was operating within its walls and that patients held child pornography videos, will advertise for a new head to replace Mr Franey, 49, when he leaves on 25 July.’


2011 “We were close friends for more than 20 years, we used to pop into the Palace after the Marathon”……

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Read more here:


Two letters to Evening Standard (London), March 19th 2013:

Savile’s sins were known at the BBC

I WORKED in BBC House Engineering in the 1980s and was told about Savile, with a warning that comments on his preference for young girls would be “dealt with” by his minders. To say it was common knowledge would be an understatement. Sean O’Farrell, N19

YESTERDAY’S arrogant comments from Sir Michael Grade explain how Savile’s sexual depravity was tolerated. The only cleverness he exhibited was not, as Grade claims, in hiding his predatory activities but in his estimation of his employers’ willingness to look away. Name and address withheld


The Jimmy Savile scandal will not be snuffed out

Former colleagues at the BBC overlooked the gossip about Jimmy Savile for their own ends

Andy Kershaw

7:00AM GMT 24 Mar 2013

When the news broke of Jimmy Savile’s death, I sat before the rolling television news channels in a state of exasperation and disbelief.

Celebrities, media heavyweights, and even representatives of the great and the good, were scrambling to gush eulogies to a man they were eager to canonise as Saint Jimmy of Stoke Mandeville or, at least, a much-loved national treasure.

Every one of these mourners knew better than to pay tribute. For every one of them, as creatures of the media or the entertainment industries, had, for years, heard the persistent rumours about the real Jimmy Savile. Even in death and for another 12 months Savile would continue to pull off a public relations swindle of spectacular audacity.

Stories of Savile’s sordid activities were not restricted to those of us within the BBC, although the sanctimonious response of many in the media, once his paedophilia was exposed, was to vilify only employees of the corporation for doing nothing at the time…

Almost as soon as I joined Radio 1 in 1985, I was warned by John Walters, my producer at the station, to steer clear of Savile. And, just as quickly, I became familiar with the stories……….

More here:

Seb Coe ‘in line to chair BBC Trust’: Olympic hero tipped to replace Chris Patten at helm

By Jack Doyle

Published: 16:02, 28 May 2014 | Updated: 00:20, 29 May 2014

Olympics supremo Sebastian Coe is in line to be the next chairman of the BBC, it emerged last night.

The former track star and London 2012 chief is the frontrunner to replace Lord Patten, who stood down three weeks ago after heart surgery.

Downing Street refused to comment on the report first made by ITV News but Whitehall sources last night confirmed Lord Coe is the leading candidate…

Coe was a Conservative MP for five years before losing his seat in the 1997 general election, returning to politics for a short time as William Hague’s chief of staff after receiving a life peerage in 2000.

A double Olympic gold medallist in the Eighties, he has also already had a working relationship with BBC director-general Tony Hall.

In 2009, Hall, then chief executive of the Royal Opera House, was asked to chair a board to direct the Cultural Olympiad.

This gave Hall a seat on the board of the London Organising Committee for the Olympic Games, which Coe chaired. Lord Coe would move into the job following a string of highly damaging scandals at the corporation.

The BBC was lambasted for its handling of the Jimmy Savile scandal that broke after the presenter’s death in 2011……

Read more:

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Published on 29 Jan 2013

The sixth Doctor & Tegan correctly identify the true nature of the savile;The BBC respond with typical efficiency 26years later


Jimmy Savile victims call for single inquiry By David Sillito

Media Correspondent

There are more than 30 individual investigations being carried out by organisations linked to Savile.

About 50 of the people who have reported being abused say they fear key questions will not be answered about how Savile, who died in 2011, operated.

But the NSPCC charity says creating one overarching inquiry could mean lessons are not learnt as quickly.

Television expose

Solicitor Alan Collins, who is representing 60 of Savile’s victims in compensation claims, said the majority of his clients fear an unsatisfactory resolution from the separate investigations.

He told the BBC: “It should be one inquiry, chaired by a high court judge. I fear if this does not happen, an opportunity will have been lost, not only for the victims but for the country as a whole.

“The risk (of not having one inquiry) is justice may be incomplete.”….

….Meanwhile, the NSPCC says more victims have been coming forward in recent weeks. The most recent was just before Christmas. It says it has now been contacted by 326 people in connection with Jimmy Savile.

It adds that the effect of the Savile scandal has led to an 81% increase in overall reports of sexual abuse to the NSPCC.

However, Peter Watt, from the charity, who supports a “lessons learned” document, said a single inquiry would not help victims but would merely delay answers, possibly for years.

Mr Watt said: “Imagine if there was a key lesson learnt right now in one of those inquiries but suddenly it got subsumed into an overarching inquiry that took years to report. There are children today who could benefit from that but wouldn’t.”

But he agreed the government needed to draw together all the information gathered by the many inquiries and act on the conclusions.

The government’s position is that it is waiting for all Savile-related police inquiries to come to an end before it makes a decision.

Complete article here:

Photo 6, after article at the above link, is identified as:

‘Jimmy Savile presenting a cheque to children on behalf of the NSPCC in 1969’

***UPDATE: Found out (on February 10th) that the Huffington Post (almost definitely) misidentified the year as 1969. This photo seems to have really been taken on September 7th 1973, on the occasion referred to in the Daily Mirror news item published on the following day – see the next thread post after this one to read it. More about this matter to follow, soon, hopefully. :UPDATE***

Same photograph at this link…

is identified as:

‘TV and radio star Jimmy Savile presents a £7,500 cheque to children on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. The money was contributed by more than 33,000 housewives through the Goldenlay egg marketing organisation.’

[linked image]

28 December 2012 Last updated at 04:27

Jimmy Savile sought Margaret Thatcher Stoke Mandeville help

Jimmy Savile met Margaret Thatcher several times to get support for his Stoke Mandeville Hospital appeal, newly released government papers show.

In letters they exchanged, released by the National Archives, Savile tells Mrs Thatcher that the patients at the hospital love her – and he does too.

The government eventually gave £500,000 to the Buckinghamshire hospital.

The papers also show Savile approached Mrs Thatcher about tax relief on charitable donations.

The now-disgraced TV and radio presenter, who died last year aged 84, approached Mrs Thatcher at a Downing Street event on 6 February 1980, while he was heading the £10m Stoke Mandeville appeal.

At the Number 10 meeting – a presentation ceremony for the children’s charity the NSPCC – Savile asked the then-prime minister how he might “pursue the question of tax deduction for charitable donations”, the papers show………

[linked image]

TV and radio star Jimmy Savile presents a £7,500 cheque to children on behalf of the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children. the money was contributed by more than 33,000 housewives through the Goldenlay egg marketing organisation.

Ref #: PA.14859361

Date: 07 Sep 1973

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Photograph and source of above information here:

TV and radio star Jimmy Savile entertains schoolchildren trapped in a broken-down lift in London. The youngsters were being presented by Mr Savile with a £7,500 cheque for the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children.

Ref #: PA.14859346

Date: 07 Sep 1973

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Link for this information & photo (shown below):

[linked image]

Politics – Jimmy Savile and Margaret Thatcher – No 10 Downing Street – London

Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, who tonight receives the Freedom of the London Borough of Barnet, at No 10 Downing Street meeting TV personality Jimmy Savile. Jimmy presented her with a cheque of 10,000 to be handed over to the NSPCC. It was part of the 82,000 he raised for charity. Savile is seen here suffering from laryngitis.

Ref #: PA.17157911

Date: 06 Feb 1980

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Availability: Worldwide

[linked image]


Theresa May announces new paedophile inquiry into EVERY aspect of British public life: As politicians come under scrutiny, Home Secretary widens probe to Church, NHS and BBC

By Matt Chorley, Mailonline Political Editor

Published: 08:50, 7 July 2014 | Updated: 18:17, 7 July 2014

A major inquiry is to be launched into child sex abuse carried out at every level of society, Home Secretary Theresa May announced today.

A panel of experts will examine evidence that successive governments, charities, political parties, the NHS, the BBC and the Church failed to protect children from paedophiles.

However, critics warned it risked creating a ‘whitewash’ and will not address public concern about an Establishment cover-up of abuse at the heart of Westminster for decades.

A separate review by the head of the NSPCC, Peter Wanless, will examine the way the Home Office handled allegations over three decades, after it was found to have lost 114 files relating to claims of abuse…

Mr Wanless is to examine how the Home Office lost more than 100 files alleging organised abuse.

It emerged a dossier detailing allegations of abuse was passed to the then home secretary, Leon Brittan, by the Tory MP Geoffrey Dickens in 1983.

But the Home Office says it cannot find the file, along with more than 100 relevant files dating from 1979 to 1999 which have been destroyed or lost.

To add to the sense of chaos, The Independent reported that the Dickens file was also given to the Director for Public Prosecutions.

Mr Wanless said: ‘It’s important to discover everything we can about what happened to these files, not only to help those who may have been victims of abuse many years ago but also to protect those children at risk now.

‘The NSPCC is known for its independence and I will approach this review with the due diligence and dedication it warrants – which is what all children have every right to expect.’……
Read more:


Operation Yewtree is a police investigation into sexual abuse allegations, predominantly the abuse of children, against the British media personality Jimmy Savile (who died in 2011) and others. The investigation led by the Metropolitan Police Service started in October 2012. After a period of assessment it became a full criminal investigation, involving inquiries into living people as well as Savile…

Initial assessments

On 4 October 2012, the Metropolitan Police said it would take the national lead in a process of assessing the allegations.[5][6] The assessment was undertaken by the Serious Case Team of the service’s Child Abuse Investigation Command, led by Detective Superintendent David Gray working closely with the BBC. The police said, “Our priority will be to ensure a proportionate and consistent policing response putting the victims at the heart of our enquiries”, and that “it is not an investigation at this stage”.[5]

The Metropolitan Police announced on 9 October that the inquiry into the allegations would be called Operation Yewtree, and would be undertaken jointly with the NSPCC…

Giving Victims a Voice

The joint report prepared by the Metropolitan Police Service and the NSPCC, Giving Victims a Voice, was published in January 2013, and marked the end of investigations under Operation Yewtree into Savile alone. It reported that sex offences were committed by Savile on 450 people[59] (328 being children at the time),[60] across England and [61] Scotland,[59] with allegations also made in Jersey.[19]……

Feb 16 2013

Peter Watt and his role in the NSPCC cover up of Operation Yewtree

Chris Spivey

On January 19, 2013 I released my article ‘The Crook Report’, which was based around a Daily Mail article reporting on the release of the Operation Yewtree Report.

The report, if you can call it that, was compiled jointly by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC. The following is what Peter Watt, the NSPCC’s Director of Child Protection Advice and Awareness told the Daily Mail:

‘The sheer scale of Saviles abuse over six decades simply beggars belief.

‘He is without doubt one of the most prolific sex offenders we have ever come across and every number represents a victim that will never get justice now he is dead.

‘But with this report we can at least show his victims that they have been taken seriously and their suffering has been recognised.’

I was so incensed by that statement, given the reports contents, that I prematurely broke the story of the Terrorist, Hein Grosskopf being employed by the NSPCC as senior Management in charge of a team of Grief Councillors…

As I say, I prematurely broke the story because of the Outrage I felt at Peter Watt’s statement. Knowing what I do about Savile, which Watt must also know, his statement was phoney, condescending, smarmy, outrageous and an insult to child abuse victims everywhere

However, most of all, the contents of his statement made it crystal fucking clear to me that the NSPCC are actively participating in the massive cover up operation that is Operation Yewtree. Moreover, the same had also become obvious to the whistle -blower ‘Sue’.

The following is what she had to say on Watt along with some information on the pathetic excuse of a man. I have nothing more to add at this moment in time, except to say that this outrage must not be allowed to go away:

Who are these experts entrusted to investigate, report and achieve justice for victims caught up in these outrageous child sex abuse scandals?

Peter Watt, NSPCC Director of Child Protection Advice and Awareness, co-author of the report with the Detective Superintendent David Gray, Operation Yewtree’s Senior Investigating Officer.

Even the name of the ‘report’ into the allegations against Savile disturbs me. “Giving Victims a Voice.” Victims have a voice, and over decades, many used theirs to report sexual abuse by Savile and his paedophile friends but they were subsequently silenced or ignored.

What kind of people believe they can give victims, a voice? Perhaps the kind of people that know they can just as easily make that voice go away if it suits them to do so. One of the key things that needed to come out of the report, but doesnt, was clear and honest information about previous reporting of concerns and what were the reasons why absolutely nothing had been done during Savile’s lifetime to protect children in their hundreds from being sexually abused.

Immediately there appears to be a conflict of interest with Peter Watt co-authoring this report because of his current position as Director of Child Protection, within the NSPCC. The NSPCC clearly being one of the organisations that may indeed have some very serious questions to answer about some very serious child protection failings………

Complete article & comments here:
Posted on October 20, 2012 by Marley

On Thursday the NSPCC released the following statement about the Jimmy Savile abuse scandal:

“It’s now looking possible that Jimmy Savile was one the most prolific sex offenders the NSPCC has ever come across. We have received over 136 calls directly relating to allegations against him which weve passed to the police. It’s important we recognise the brave step victims have taken in coming forward and we urge any other victims to do the same.”……………

One comment on “thoughts on the NSPCC and Jimmy Savile”

Pete Mitchell on October 27, 2012 at 6:15 pm said:

What the NSPCC will not say, despite me asking and re-asking them is if they knew, or had had complaints about this man before the ITV documentary.

Savile’s Scarborough flat sold to child charity chief

Jimmy Savile’s Scarborough flat has been sold to one of the country’s top campaigners against child abuse.

Sir Rodney Walker was a leading supporter of the NSPCC’s Full Stop campaign chaired by the Duke of York and backed by celebrities such as Madonna and Ewan McGregor.

The business and sports supremo personally raised £25 million for Britain’s biggest bid to stamp out child cruelty.

Now the millionaire snooker bigwig plans to sink a small fortune into doing up Savile’s second home in Wessex Court.

Savile originally bought the apartment overlooking the South Bay as a gift to his mother Agnes, keeping it as a shrine to her following her death.

Now new owner Sir Rodney, 69, aims to strip the apartment which he had been vying for since it went on the market last summer.

He says he had “no second thoughts” about clinching the deal after the scandal into Savile’s child sex abuse broke.

He said: “I think like everyone else in the country I was totally taken aback. I had never heard any rumours or any suggestion he was not the generous philanthropist we all thought he was.”…………..

More here:

…He was a Vice Chairman of the NSPCC Full Stop Appeal and was chair of the Sports Steering Group which raised £25 million for the campaign. In 2008 he was elected an Honorary Member of the Society in recognition of his contribution to the charity…..

More biography here:

Esther Rantzen delivering a speech at the launch of the NSPCC Full Stop campaign, on March 22nd 1999 [Photo: Tim Graham/Corbis]

[linked image]

[linked image]
[linked image]

[linked image]

NSPCC Board of Trustees

Working alongside the Executive Board and the Council to meet our objectives

The Board of Trustees is responsible for setting and monitoring the NSPCC’s strategic objectives. There are currently 16 trustees who make up the board.

There are 5 Divisional Trustees, providing the link with supporters and volunteers across the country. The trustees meet between seven and nine times a year………

Current Board of Trustees (etc.) here:

TIE AWARDS Savile/Hague

Veteran broadcaster and charity worker, Sir Jimmy Savile (right), jokes with Conservative Party leader, William Hague, during the ‘Tie Wearers of the Year Awards’ at the Hyatt Carlton Hotel in London today (Tuesday). See PA story AWARDS Tie. Photo byPeter Jordan/PA

Ref #: PA.1091072

Date: 28 Apr 1998

Picture by: PA/EMPICS

Availability: Worldwide

See photo here:

William Hague’s 83-year-old daredevil dad performs breathtaking wing walk for charity… and even carries off a baseball cap (unlike his son)

By Anthony Bond

PUBLISHED: 06:51, 22 May 2012 | UPDATED: 08:19, 22 May 2012

When he was leader of the Conservative Party, William Hague went to great lengths to project a youthful image.

This included taking a ride on a log flume while wearing a baseball cap with the word Hague written on it, which led to him being mocked.

But when his father was spotted sporting a similar cap this weekend, it wasn’t anywhere near as embarrassing.

That’s because the 83-year-old daredevil dad of the Foreign Secretary was performing a breath-taking wing-walk for charity.

Daring Nigel Hague wanted to help raise the profile of the NSPCC.

He has so far raised more than £100,000 for the children’s charity with his white knuckle activities, such as completing a tandem skydive last year and an arduous climb in 2009………….

Read more here:

Operation Yewtree the biggest Police cover-up since Hillsborough

Crime and Parliamentary Affairs correspondent TIM HICKS follows up on the incredible revelations of misconduct in North Yorkshire Police revealed by the BBC Inside Out programme.

Jimmy Savile’s principal residence was in Leeds and he travelled regularly to Scarborough from 1960 onwards to visit his mother and to stay with her. He continued his close association with Scarborough after her death, staying there regularly in his flat at the Esplanade. It follows from this that the full and meticulous investigation of his activities in Leeds and Scarborough are of critical interest to Operation Yewtree, the Home Office, HM Inspector of Constabulary and the IPCC in determining why it was that he was able to offend for so long, without being arrested by the Police.

Yet the West Yorkshire Police investigation into Savile, called Operation Newgreen, has been widely condemned as a farce. Alan Collins, a solicitor representing 40 of Savile’s victims, is quoted in the press as having told ITV’s Daybreak programme:

“The report begs a lot more questions. It provides some answers but the report reveals memories that are not as sharp as perhaps they ought to be, ‘can’t remember’, documents that can’t seem to be located. It doesn’t add up. But my take is that there seems to be a collective myopia and the collective myopia is evidenced by Savile. He was able to run rings around the police for decades. He used police officers. He was ingrained with them, dovetailed with them.”

Unusually, Chief Constable Nick Gargan of Avon and Somerset has broken ranks and also criticised West Yorkshire Police over its handling of its Savile enquiry. He is quoted in the Yorkshire Post as saying:

“It seems clear to me that Operation Newgreen does not have the look and feel of an independent report. As I turned from one page to the next, I saw example after example of the author putting the case for West Yorkshire Police. At times this case was put with some force and emotion and more than a hint of exasperation with other bodies. In that respect, Operation Newgreen was unsuccessful if it was its intention to give an impression of independent assurance: it may even have had the effect of strengthening suspicion that West Yorkshire Police was at the very least being defensive.”

Mr Gargan suggested the force carry out a “very open and public examination of its actions” and a public engagement strategy to deal with issues raised by the review. He said:

“I think you will benefit from a situation in which your staff respond to criticism with the questions ‘maybe this person has a point’ more readily than ‘how do I prove them wrong?'”………..

Complete article & comments here:

Brand Watch: ChildLine

Third Sector, 22 April 2013

YouGov’s Anne Gammon looks at the public’s perception of ChildLine and the NSPCC six months after the Jimmy Savile scandal broke…

YouGov’s CharityIndex questions a representative sample of 125 different people each day on subjects such as the charities they have talked about with friends and family and the charities they have heard of. The results are used to generate scores about the public’s perception of an organisation

Last October, ITV’s Exposure programme carried evidence that Jimmy Savile was a serial sex offender. In January, a joint report by the Metropolitan Police and the NSPCC found that he is thought to have committed more than 200 offences.

This month’s Brand Watch looks at the impact of the scandal on NSPCC and ChildLine over the course of the past six months in the aftermath of the Savile revelations. While technically NSPCC and ChildLine are interlinked the former took over operational responsibility for the latter in 2006 we will treat each as distinct entities. The past six months are interesting from a charity branding perspective as it allows us to look at a parent brand (NSPCC) and the sub-brand (ChildLine) and see how they both fared………

More here:

Savile’s victims: barriers to reporting sexual abuse still exist

Report reveals children were ignored, felt unable to speak out and suffered trauma into adulthood

24 February 2014

Many of Savile’s victims were ignored or laughed at when they revealed at the time that he had sexually abused them, new NSPCC research shows.

Others were so convinced they wouldn’t be believed, because he was such a powerful and influential character that they stayed silent.

Some victims are still unable to speak out

And, 50 years on, a significant number of the men and women interviewed for the children’s charity’s report – ‘Would they have actually believed me’ – have still not confided in friends and family about the abuse.

Some of the victims, who were aged between 8 and 26-years-old when Savile assaulted them, told hospital staff who dismissed their claims. One of the 26 interviewed by NSPCC counsellors went to the police but no action was taken.

The vast majority were children when they were abused but four were adults. Some were even told they were ‘lucky someone like Savile had paid them attention’.

Devastating effects of abuse last into adulthood……

Read more here:



Some of the information in this thread has been picked up on/used by an apparently pro-Jimmy Savile blog.

Jimmy Savile ‘Abused Corpses’ Shocking NHS Report Reveals

June 27 2014 at 3:29 PM

By Chris Greenwood and Martin Robinson

Published: 09:19, 26 June 2014 | Updated: 13:21, 27 June 2014

‘..A series of internal investigations published yesterday charted how the DJ became the most prolific sex attacker in living memory.

The mass of NHS reports into his crimes published yesterday revealed how Savile boasted about having sex with corpses and had jewellery made from glass eyes he removed from their bodies.

The sick paedophile also gloated to others that he enjoyed ‘posing’ with the corpses and said that he would ‘wheel them around’ at night at Leeds General Infirmary.

Investigators discovered the late DJ and Top of the Pops presenter claimed at least 103 victims aged between five and 75.

Starstruck NHS workers allowed Savile free reign to sexually abuse patients and hospital staff ‘didn’t want to hear or believe’ what his young victims were saying, the report said.

They detailed his 50 year reign of terror at 28 institutions including Leeds, Broadmoor and Stoke Mandeville hospital.

One witness told investigators that Savile revealed the origin of his ‘gross, big silver rings’ when she remarked on them.

He said: ‘D’you know what they are? They are glass eyes from dead bodies in Leeds Mortuary where I work and I love working there, and I wheel the dead bodies around at night and I love that.’

Another, unconnected witness – who was employed at the hospital – added: ‘I do remember seeing this ring he had on that looked like an eyeball and – and I must’ve mentioned it to him.

‘He said: ‘It’s made from the eyeball of a dead friend.”

A former nurse at Broadmoor Hospital said Savile told her about his appalling activities in Leeds.
He said he would ‘muck about’ posing dead bodies of men and women together before taking photographs.

She said: ‘I was a little bit upset because I had no concept, in those days, of – while I’d heard of necrophilia … but I didn’t understand what it meant.’

The nurse added that Savile said he sexually assaulted the bodies as well, something he dubbed ‘garamoosh’ – a reference to oral sex.

A former patient at Barnet General Hospital in London said nurses told her in 1983 that Savile ‘liked to have sex with dead bodies’.

Today’s report discussed how Savile had openly talked about his interest in the dead in media interviews over the years.

He told one interviewer about spending five days with the dead body of his mother……

Read more:

26 November 2012 – 7:36am | posted by Jennifer Faull | 3 comments

The ad that was axed when British Rail heard rumours Savile was a necrophiliac

The now-defunct British Rail is the latest company to be caught up in the Jimmy Savile scandal after a lawyer working there during the 1980s claimed that it axed Jimmy Savile from its ‘Age of the Train’ campaign over rumours he was a necrophiliac.

The lawyer has told police that British Rail bosses made the decision after hearing Savile had had sex with bodies at a morgue in Stoke Mandeville Hospital, Bucks.

Savile was then dropped from the TV campaign promoting the InterCity 125 service.

The lawyer said he came forward with the information following the same claim from BBC presenter Paul Gambaccini on Radio 5, saying: “It struck a chord.”

“I remember having a discussion about this in the 1980s and I thought the police should be aware of it.”

“If there was a cover-up I wonder who else might have known. The explanation I had was that the revelations were intended to run in a newspaper but in the end they didn’t because of the damage this could cause to Savile’s charity work.

“When Savile continued to have a positive public profile I assumed I’d been given false information but recent developments made me reconsider.”

Savile denied these accusations in the 1990s, declaring: “Some people get hold of the fact that Jim likes looking after cadavers and say, ‘Aha, Jim’s a necrophiliac!’. I’m not a necrophiliac.”

03-08-2006, 18:10 #2

Man of Harveys

He’s a necrophiliac. He gets frustrated. When they get cremated.
More here:

Savile Necrophilia reference June 2000

Published on 15 Apr 2014

In a discussion on Victorian Sexuality Frank Skinner asks if Sexuality has changed to which David Baddiel replies “Their all dead now, of course it’s changed. Mainly Necrophilia.” This causes Frank to do a typical Jimmy Savile impression which the audience laughs in acknowledgement.

The Duo later acknowledge that Skinner was Impersonating Jimmy Savile.



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I live near Stoke Mandeville hospital, and for as long as I can remember rumours have abounded about Sir Jimmy of Saville handing over cash to the staff there in order to be left alone with the…err… ‘recently departed’.


Jimmy Saville: None. More. Wrong.


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October 30 2011, 9:45 PM
Jimmy Saville was an oddball. But that doesn’t necessary make him a sexual deviant. But did anyone watch the Louise Theroux documentary about Jimmy Saville? Video clip here.

Now listen carefully to what Saville says when interviewed in the car. He says that he has never had a relationship and has absolutely no feelings for anyone. (To stop himself getting hurt, apparently). This is a red flag for a necrophiliac!!!! They can’t emotionally respond to people, and so resort to fucking the dead. Add into the mix that his mother’s home was a shrine to her, and the fact that he kept her dead body for days, and the chances are that he was indeed a necrophiliac. Then add into the mix the Jersey care home scandal, where children were sexually tortured at the very least, and the fact that Saville said he hated children.

“Among the three types, it is actually the second type that is most common. In another study made on necrophilia, it was discovered that most necrophiliacs are employed in companies and industries where they may regularly have interaction with the dead. For example, most of them worked at a morgue or a funeral parlor where they were placed in charge of caring for the dead.

Aside from these professions, other necrophiliacs may also work as hospital orderlies or conduct their work in a cemetery as gravediggers. There have also been some known cases of necrophilia in people who have worked as clerics or soldiers. However, it should be stressed that necrophiliacs in all of these professions are more often the exception than the norm. They are still a very small and rare group of people who are very private in their sexual desires. Many people may engage in these professions where they are continually in contact with the dead but have never in their lives ever had the desire to violate a corpse in the manner that necrophiliacs do.”

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Growing up with sex criminal Jimmy Savile

Nov 8, 2012

By Global Post

…Wearing cotton wool wigs made to resemble Savile’s strange mane of blond hair, we would pretend to puff on cigars. We even made posters advertising our “Jimmy Savile Days.” Once we rang his doorbell and ran away. Another time we left an address on his car windscreen and duly received an autographed photo.

It all seemed very funny at the time. As did our increasingly creepy Savile impersonations in which we voiced him inviting young girls to sit on his knee. Our puerile innuendos obviously picked up on something about his personality, even though we were oblivious to the fact that he was really guilty far worse.

I had more Jimmy Savile encounters in my 20s. I once entered a half-marathon for which I was hopelessly unfit. As I neared the 10-mile marker, an elderly Savile trotted past, cheered on by the crowd. I was quite impressed at the time, as when I subsequently read in his autobiography that he had once cycled to France.

A few years later, I dated a trainee nurse who sometimes worked at a Leeds hospital where he volunteered as a porter. She confirmed that there were whispers about Jimmy Savile using his access to commit unspeakable acts on corpses in the hospital morgue.

Such rumors were entertaining at the time because they were almost, but not quite, believable. Today, with allegations emerging daily about his activities – including one claim of necrophilia – they now seem disturbingly true…….

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from re-published Independent On Sunday 1990 interview with Lynn Barber:

…His name has only ever been linked to one woman, his mother, whom he called the Duchess.

He was devoted to her the more so, perhaps, because, as the youngest child of seven, he’d had a fairly scant share of her attention. “I wasn’t her favourite by any means; I was fourth or fifth in the pecking order.” But when he became famous, he laid his fame and money at her feet, and they had l6 years before she died in 1973 where she had “everything”. He once told Joan Bakewell: “We were together all her life and there was nothing we couldn’t do. I got an audience with the Pope. Everything. But then, I was sharing her. When she died she was all mine. The best five days of my life were spent with the Duchess when she was dead. She looked marvellous. She belonged to me. It’s wonderful, is death.”

(Incidentally, he has an enthusiasm for dead bodies in general, which can be quite unnerving. The first time I ever met him, eight years ago, he raved on about all the bodies that came his way in the mortuary at Leeds Infirmary and how he wished he could take the healthy eyes from one and the good bones from another to repair his living patients at Stoke Mandeville. He sounded like Dr Frankenstein.)……

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Jerry Hayes

Former Conservative MP and practising barrister

Number 10 needs to get a grip on the Dickens dossier disappearance before this turns into a political scandal

5 Jul 2014 at 13:35

I have been wracking my brains to recall what we knew and what we suspected about Parliamentarians being involved in paedophilia during my time in the Commons as an MP and a journalist between 1983 and 2002…

Of course we knew about the mortuary exploits of Jimmy Savile and his penchant for amputees. But we had no proof. We knew about Cyril Smith, various peers, senior people within Number 10, but again, no proof. And despite all my years of propping up bars and sifting the most bizarre gossip about the sexual practices of various Home Office ministers, usually served up by vindictive Police Federation whispers, most of the stuff was fairly flaky. My favourite piece of nonsense was about a senior labour Cabinet Minister who was unable to reach orgasm unless he stabbed young bunnies in a shoe box by the bed. And many of us watched, as was our duty, grainy footage of some unidentifiable old boy, grunting over what was said to be an underage boy. We were told it was a well known grandee. It could have been anyone. And the well known rumour that a very senior Labour figure was having sex with underaged boys in car parks, cautioned by the police and the paperwork destroyed, was pure malicious fantasy. The only evidence that seemed to stack was about Cyril Smith; but not enough to safely print……

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03.11.11 ISSUE 568

>> Now then, now then <<

A Jimmy Savile mini-special

Since Popbitch launched in 2000, we’ve often been asked which celebrity we’d had most stories about. It’s not David Beckham. Nor even Paul Danan. “Jimmy Savile”, was always the answer. Among a host of strange rumours is this one, the strangest. It involved Mr Savile, a penchant for necrophilia… and access to the morgue at Leeds General Infirmary which, the story went, he was given in return for his charity work. We’ve been told this story by probably 100+ people – including two DJs, six journalists and a member of the House of Lords – it was even supposed to be one of Larry Grayson’s favourite yarns. But most often it was told to us by a Leeds resident, the Rev Goatboy, late of this parish, who always promised to leave the evidence to support this wild theory with one reliable person, on condition we’d only use it after Savile’s death. Sadly, none of us can remember who was supposed to have been the guardian of this evidence. So we have none. We’ll have to add this magnificent rumour to the pantheon of apocraphal celebrity stories for now. Unless it’s you that has the evidence… (if so:, please)

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Published on 6 Nov 2012

Savile sex scandal hits horrific new low as former colleague Paul Gambaccini claims on Radio Five Live that DJ was a ‘necrophiliac’

Former BBC DJ said he was aware of claims in the eighties

‘The expression I came to associate with Savile’s sexual partners was “under-age subnormals”, says colleague of the Jim’ll Fix It presenter

In 1990 interview Savile dismissed claims he was a necrophiliac after saying he took pleasure in taking dead people to a hospital mortuary

A former BBC colleague of Jimmy Savile has claimed the predatory paedophile was a necrophiliac.

It is one of the most extraordinary allegations to have come out in the wake of the scandal.

The claim was made on Radio 5 Live today by Paul Gambaccini, who started working as a DJ on Radio 1 in 1973.

Mr Gambaccini, 63, said he was aware of the necrophilia claims in the eighties.
He questioned why newspapers had not acted when he said a reporter had boasted that his colleagues were aware of a story linking Savile to ‘necrophilia’.

His comments astounded presenter Nicky Campbell who tried to stop the conversation by warning the allegations were not in the public domain.

Campbell said: ‘That particularly lurid accusation that you have just brought to people’s attention is one that has not been in the public domain.’

Gambaccini agreed and asked ‘why not?’. And he asked: ‘Who vetted the knighthood? Coco the clown?

He had worked with Savile at Radio 1 where he had first heard stories about his abuse of under-age girls.

He said the BBC was not the only organisation at fault for failing to expose Savile, saying the press was equally to blame.

He claimed a reporter was heard talking at a wedding 10 years ago about Savile being a necrophiliac.

He said that he used a ‘politically incorrect’ term to categorise the people to whom Savile devoted his attentions.

He said: ‘The expression I came to associate with Savile’s sexual partners was either one used by production assistants or one I made up to summarise their reports … “under-age subnormals”.

‘He targeted the institutionalised, the hospitalised – and this was known. Why did Jimmy go to hospitals? That’s where the patients were.’

Mr Gambaccini continued to say today that Savile’s alleged abuse was taking place at a time when staff failed to get to grips with the concept of paedophilia.

‘It was considered so far beyond the pale that people didn’t believe it happened,’ he said during the 5 Live Breakfast Show.

He said the entire society was taken in by Savile – ‘including the Prime Minister who invited him to Chequers; including the royal family, photographed with him, he got a knighthood in this country, he got a papal knighthood.

‘This is not just the BBC this is history, this is a man who conned an entire society,’ Gambaccini added.

It also emerged earlier this month that Savile denied claims he was sexually attracted to corpses in an interview in 1990, after he admitted taking pleasure in taking the deceased to Stoke Mandeville Hospital mortuary.

The hospital, where Savile worked as a volunteer and had his own room, said that it has never received claims that Savile ‘inappropriately interacted’ with corpses.

A spokesman said: ‘We are not launching an investigation into claims that Savile was a necrophiliac. We have never received any complaints as to that nature.’

‘During our time, to the best of our knowledge, Jimmy was not given free access around our clinical areas and whenever he attended the hospital he would give advance notice and usually be in attendance with his fundraising team.’

Published on 24 Oct 2012

Paul Gambaccini talks about Radio One and Jimmy Savile and the enigma of this character.

Listen to Peter on

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Dave Lee Travis : Jimmy Savile

February 20 2014 at 3:00 PM

Sick Minds Think Alike?

Jimmy Savile Mobile Home (1971)

[linked image]

Dave Lee Travis Mobile Home (1980)

[linked image]
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Travis: I have ‘cuddly nature’

11:25am Monday 27th January 2014

…Travis, who is on trial accused of indecently assaulting 10 women and sexually assaulting another, said: “I do not have a predatory nature with women, I have a cuddly nature.

“Maybe that’s what this is all about, but I am not predatory.

“If I really like somebody I will put my arm around them and I might give them a peck on the cheek, I even do that with men, to make them feel comfortable and welcome to the place.”

The 68-year-old said that although “people automatically assume” he must have got on with Savile because they were both in showbusiness, they never really had a conversation…..

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from: John Peel & Sheila Ravenscroft Margrave of the Marshes (2005)

…And how, come to that, did former Radio 1 colleague Dave Lee Travis get insurance for his muscular Dodge Hemi Charger with its DLT1 number plate and pictures of the Hairy Cornflake himself emblazoned on the doors? When John asked him about it, Dave did admit that it got vandalised a lot. “I’d vandalise it myself if I thought I could get away with it,” John said. Dave thought he was joking…’

Dave Lee Travis; Joan Jett & Jonathan King (1983)
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[linked image]

Entertainment – Dave Lee Travis and Denis Healey – House of Commons, London

DJ Dave Lee Travis pulls the famous eyebrows of Shadow Foreign Secretary Denis Healey as they entertain children at the House of Commons.

Ref #: PA.15136758

Date: 26 Jun 1985

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Availability: Worldwide
[linked image]

Bit of a Star [Hardcover]
Dave Lee Travis (Author)

Hardcover: 108 pages
Publisher: Kodak Ltd; First Edition edition (May 1986)

[linked image]

A bit of a star: Media women…. Their fine-points and phobias as photographed by Dave Lee Travis

Book with photographs of well-known female stars from music, television and other media, taken by Dave Lee Travis. It contains portraits of people like Toni Basil, Faith Brown, Kiki Dee, Barbara Dickson, Diane Keen, Lulu, Joanna Lumley and Kim Wilde.

Entertainment – National Speak Week – Dave Lee Travis – London

Six-year-old cerebral palsy sufferer Samantha Chambers, who lives in the Royal Mews at Buckingham Palace, shows Dave Lee Travis how she operates her ‘turbo chair’ at Speaker’s Corner in Hyde Park. The DJ was there to launch National Speak Week, a campaign aimed at increasing public awareness of the problems faced by speech-impaired people.

Ref #: PA.15136715

Date: 11 May 1987

Picture by: PA/Press Association Images

Availability: Worldwide

Photo here:

The Celebrity Shopping Trolley – Lynsey de Paul

…Michael’s Verdict

I first met Lynsey de Paul at the home of one of my oldest friends Dave Lee Travis DLT aka The Hairy Monster. Now, Dave is very tall and Lynsey is not and these two, side by side, was quite a sight. Pert, blond, pocket size and bubbly Lynsey next to giant, black bearded and very loud Dave was not a combination you could ignore.

It must be more than 20 years since that first encounter yet I have never seen Lynsey without a smile or the boundless energy that has been evident throughout her remarkable career…

Michael van Straten Osteopath, Naturopath and Acupuncturist D.O., M.R.N., M.B.Ac.A.

Copyright © 2004-2012 Michael van Straten ~ All rights reserved ~ Webmaster: AnnWebCom

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Valentino Awards/DLT

DJ Dave Lee Travis and Lyndsey De Paul at the Rudolph Valentino Awards at the Grosvenor House Hotel, London. The awards commemorate the Italian-born actor and they are held in different locations every year.

Ref #: PA.1167742
Date: 24 Feb 1999
Picture by: PA/EMPICS


[linked image]

This Is Your Life (TV Series)

Dave Lee Travis (2000)

Cast (in alphabetical order)

Lynsey De Paul … Herself

Dave Lee Travis … Himself


Dave Lee Travis and HRH Princess Michael of Kent attend the Family Portrait Week press launch at the Eat And Two Veg restaurant, London, England – 13.03.09

Photograph here:

Dave Lee Travis: Look out, Suu Kyi he’s a bit touchy

The Burmese politician wants to meet the DJ after listening to his show, but is she aware of the hands-on side of the Hairy Cornflake?

Camilla Long Published: 17 June 2012

I spent 90 minutes with the former Radio 1 DJ Dave Lee Travis last Thursday and I don’t think there is a part of my body that he didn’t grope. He fondled my foot, inched his hands up my thighs, tried to make me sit on his lap and kissed me. He copped a feel of my hips when I foolishly asked for a tour of his studio, stroked my chin and my back and gave me a full body hug as I left.

I know he has a reputation for flirting but honestly, he is nearly 70. And we were meant to be talking about Aung San Suu Kyi. The Burmese opposition leader said last year that she used to listen to his programme on the BBC World Service during her house arrest and his show made her world “much more complete”. Apparently she wants to meet him…..

Published on 15 Nov 2012
Burma’s democratic opposition leader Aung San Suu Kyi meets Dave Lee Travis, the radio presenter whose broadcasts kept her spirits up during her years of imprisonment.

When they met Travis can be seen grabbing Aung San Suu Kyi’s hand and pressing it close to his body beneath his jacket. Not content with this Travis’s other hand is then seen strengthening the hold ensuring Aung San Suu Kyi is unable to withdraw her hand.

Only when Travis decides he has had enough of her attention does he release Aung San Suu Kyi’s hand. The press venue allowed Travis free reign and Aung San Suu Kyi could not escape Travis’s clutches. Aung San Suu Kyi is plainly uncomfortable at Travis’s inappropriate behaviour.

Eventually Travis releases Aung San Suu Kyi’s hand from his clammy two handed grip and he then places a kiss on her released hand. Immediately Aung San Suu Kyi breaks eye contact with Travis and wasting no time she hastily turns her entire body away from Travis to lose him in the press melee.

At the end Aung San Suu Kyi makes off and Travis is left looking forlornly after her. Travis is left like a kid looking inside the sweetshop window whilst deprived of this weeks pocket money.

The Libertines Forum

Peado sweepstake

October 26 2012 at 12:44 PM

Anonymous (Login .orgisdead)


Remember, it’s just for shits and giggles.

Cliff Richard
Bobby Ball
Simon Mayo
Brucey forsythy
Dave lee Travis
Feddie Starr

Re: Peado sweepstake

October 26 2012, 2:49 PM


(Login pissed_mistletoe)


A mate of mine was telling me a story that his ex-girlfriends dad used to know DLT a little and was invited to a party where there were quite a few radio stars, DLT being one of them. My mate said that his ex-girlfriend said that DLT was a proper perving all over her and that she was about 13 at the time. She said he was a very creepy man.
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[linked image]
[linked image]

Former Radio 4 presenter Vivien Creegor: ‘Dave Lee Travis jiggled my breasts live on air’

15th Oct 2012 9:37am | By Editor

As a result of the investigation into Jimmy Savile, two former employees have claimed that ex-Radio 1 presenter Dave Lee Travis molested them in the BBC studios.
Dave Lee Travis is another suspect in a number of alleged sex allegations against former employees at the BBC, these new allegations claim Travis put his hand up a 17-year-old’s skirt in 1977.
Meanwhile, Vivien Creegor, a presenter on Sky News, explained that she had also experience some inappropriate behaviour from the presenter, and claimed that he had ‘jiggled her breast’ during a live Radio 4 broadcast in the 1980s.
The woman, who was assaulted when she was 17, has given a formal statement to the police. Creegor is believed to be complaining to BBC director George Entwistle.
Presenters Sandi Toksvig and Liz Kershaw have also claimed that they were often assaulted by their male colleagues.
Travis released a statement: “I categorically deny that there is any substance in either allegation and I’m genuinely surprised that allegations of this nature have been made. I totally refute any impropriety.”
Creegor remembers: “‘I was sitting in the Radio 4 studio, which at the time backed on to the studio where Dave did his show. I could see him coming into the studio,” reported The Daily Mail. “I indicated to him to sit down but… as I went to speak his hands clamped down on my boobs over my jumper and moved them around. I didn’t have a choice. I couldn’t say anything to him because I had to finish my [Woman’s Hour] announcement. When I had, he sat down and started talking as if nothing had happened.”
Creegor claimed that sex abuse allegations were not taken seriously at the BBC, and she felt that if she reported the incident it may have jeopardized her career.
“No woman who valued her career would have been happy to put her name down on a harassment claim.
“You could say I was cowardly but, when I told someone, they just laughed it off and thought it was funny that was the climate at the BBC at the time.”


[linked image]

[linked image]

Dave Lee Travis To Face Sex Assault Retrial

Monday, 24th February 2014 10:10

The former Radio 1 DJ was speaking after a hearing at Southwark Crown Court where he learned he will face a retrial on charges that a jury previously failed to reach a verdict on.

As he left the court with his wife by his side, Mr Travis addressed journalists and said: “I told you I’d been through 18 months of a nightmare. Apparently, I was wrong, because the nightmare is now going to go on.

“This whole thing started when I was 67 and I just hope it’s going to end by the time I’m 80.”

Prosecutor Miranda Moore earlier told the court: “The prosecution is seeking a retrial for two outstanding counts.”…

During his five-week trial Travis denied the charges, insisting the women made up the attacks so they “could cash in” and sell their stories.

One of the undecided allegations relates to an alleged indecent assault on a theatre employee in the early 90s when Travis was performing in the pantomime Aladdin in Crawley.

The undecided sexual assault charge relates to a reporter who was sent to interview Travis at his home in 2008…

Metropolitan Police investigated the former DJ as part of Operation Yewtree, the force’s investigation into allegations of historic sexual abuse by high-profile figures after details of Jimmy Savile’s past crimes emerged.

More here:

[linked image]
[linked image]
[linked image]

[linked image]
[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

[linked image]

PEOPLE » Dave Lee Travis

Matthew Norman
Tuesday 16 October 2012
Thank goodness Britain is such a different country from that in which Jimmy Savile got away with it

In the gruesome Savilean scheme of things, the Hairy Cornflake accusations may seem comparatively trivial. Neither involves paedophilia, though the alleged victims are entitled to be less sanguine themselves. One woman, the newsreader Vivien Creeger, relates how he once popped into a Radio 4 studio and “jiggled my breasts” as she was broadcasting live to the nation. Another, unnamed at the time of writing, has given a police statement in which she unfondly recalls how, in 1977 when she was 17, he cordially invited her into his own studio and put his hand up her skirt.

Far be it from me to offer damage limitation advice after the event, but Mr Travis’s denial would not, I think, impress Max Clifford or Malcolm Tucker. Having stoutly dismissed the claims as “utter bollocks”, DLT whom a female interviewer recently alleged that he touched many parts of her body unbidden would have done well to leave it at that. Instead, before bolstering the denial with a steadfast “I refute any impropriety”, he arguably compromised his own wholly gonadic analysis with a reflection on the prevailing sexual mores of the era. “It was a different world in the 70s,” said Mr Travis. “All institutions were the same back then.”

If by “institutions” he intended to refer to the minimum-security psychiatric hospital for terminally delusional self-perceived sex gods which Radio 1 increasingly appears to have been, hats off for letting that shard of insightfulness pierce the protective bubble of righteous indignation……………..

More here:

Travis ‘nightmare is continuing’

1 hour ago | By Press Association

…Former BBC presenter Travis, 68, was cleared of 12 counts of indecent assault last month but jurors at London’s Southwark Crown Court were unable to reach verdicts on one other charge of indecent assault and one of sexual assault and were discharged.

Prosecutor Miranda Moore QC told the court today that Travis is due to be charged with a further count of indecent assault……

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[linked image]
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[linked image]

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Savile C5 Documentary March 2015



Exposure Update – The Jimmy Savile Investigation



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