The Beatles Revealed?

The following vids are all from Beacon1966 youtube channel

You can also read their fantastic work at Beaconfilms2011

You can even purchase the books (i’ve still to find a link!)




  1. Tara Browne
  2. Llanddewi Brefi, The Krays, LSD, Litvinoff & Tara
  3. Who was Robert Fraser aka Dr Robert aka Groovy Bob?
  4. Hitler, Liverpool & Tavistock
  5. Winnie the Pooh, Hitler, James Bond 007 & The Beatles Yellow Submarine
  6. SIR Jimmy & SIR Paul
  7. Sibylla’s Nightclub
  8. The Beatles Revealed?
  9. Are The Beatles Satanists & Paedophiles?? (updated 16 02 16)
  10. Beatles Bible
  11. Beacon films blog
  12. Plastic Macca 
  13. RingO Stars

W i l d C a t


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