Glasgow bin lorry crash: Vehicle ‘was travelling at 50mph in incident that didn’t seem real’

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Glasgow bin lorry crash: Vehicle ‘was travelling at 50mph in incident that didn’t seem real’

22:58, 22 DEC 2014 UPDATED 01:37, 23 DEC 2014

One witness of the horrifying incident in George Square said the driver was slumped against the window and

“bodies were being dragged along the road”


(Apparently the police are total gutted, the world & his wife are givin them flowers!!)

Hundreds of Christmas shoppers scattered, screaming in terror today as a runaway bin lorry tore through the heart of a packed city centre killing six.

Traumatised witnesses told how sheer panic gripped the streets and gut-wrenching screams filled the air – as children queued to see Santa (satan) at his grotto in Glasgow’s George Square. (ha ha haa haa!)

The 20-tonne truck – with its driver slumped at the wheel – sped at 50mph past a funfair and ice rink full of families, sending shoppers flying.

Witness Findlay Mair said: “The people who were hit had no time to take evasive action.

“They had no chance. The lorry went straight into them and scattered them like skittles. It was awful.” 

Anjan Luthra (very like clutha!) 23, who works nearby, said: “I saw this big lorry going along the pavement  flattening everything in sight  (EVERYTHING?? Really sweetheart?)

“There were people running away from it – it was like they were being chased by the lorry.”  (Emmm?!!)

The vehicle came to a halt after smashing into a busy hotel outside the city’s Queen Street station.

Bodies, shopping bags and baby buggies were strewn across the ground, as people dashed to help.

Tea kiosk worker Sarah Smith, 21, saw paramedics trying to resuscitate a young pregnant woman.

“They were doing mouth-to-mouth. Trying to get her round. She was just lying there. She had a clear bump. She was pregnant. It was awful,” she said.

“All the security guards and first aid people working in the square had run to the crash. It was terrible.

“People were just crying. It didn’t seem real.” (Because it wasn’t!)

George Square, the centre of Glasgow’s Hogmanay celebrations, is the city’s main public space – the equivalent of Trafalgar Square in London.

Thousands had poured in from the station for last-minute shopping.

Steven Elliot, 16, said: “I was walking to Queen Street and saw two women badly injured. One was crushed on a lamppost and the other was lying on the ground.

“I’ve never seen anything like it. I’m still in shock.” (So am i honey!!)

(Anyone seeing any debris or evidence of the alleged bloody massacre? and note the silver car, nowt wrong wi it is there? ALL car doors are clearly intact and working. So WHY THE FUCK did they cut the roof off??)

bin lorry Glasgow

Bin lorry Glasgow Smash: Lorry came to halt at busy city hotel.

Couldn’t have put it better mysel! “came to halt”  Didn’t Crash! Look at the pic

  •  20 TONNE o machinery hurtling at 50mph
  • HUGE glass windows undamaged. pristine condition
  • no damage to wall
  • no damage to truck
  • no debris
  • And what the hell wi the random gleekit lookin street sweeper?? 

Another witness saw the driver slumped against the window of the bin lorry. He said: “His foot must have been stuck on the accelerator. He was coming at speed.

“I saw bodies being dragged under the lorry. They were dragged along the road” (sounds like a bloody massacre!! Shame there’s no blood to be seen ANYWHERE)

“It didn’t seem real.”

(Because it fuckin ISN’T REAL!!)

Elmarghani Hesen, 35, added: “It looked like the driver had passed out.

“It was doing about 50mph and went through a red light before smashing into a car, mounting the pavement and hitting people outside the station. (there wasn’t anybody outside the station supposedly hit)

“I saw a woman lying injured on the ground her stomach wounded and BLOOD EVERYWHERE (told ya! MASSACRE!)

“There were people trapped under the lorry. (where? I will hack off my right arm & happily post it 2 whoever can show me these “people)

One man’s head was badly injured.

“I saw about seven people badly injured. It was very distressing.”

The lorry driver is feared to have suffered a heart attack. He was one of up to 10 injured in hospital tonight.

At 2.30pm the green city council wagon hit a pedestrian outside the city’s Gallery of Modern Art.

It then continued along Queen Street towards George Square, demolishing signposts before smashing into the Millennium Hotel.

Witness Melanie Greg said: “It went along the pavement, knocking everyone like pinballs. There was a baby in a buggy, and it just continued knocking people down. Horrific.” (“like pinballs”   like wtf?!)

Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said tonight: “My thoughts are with everyone involved in the dreadful George Square incident.” (She’s right! the acting was awful!)

George Square Glasgow

George Square Glasgow Tributes: Police at the scene as darkness fell.

Prime Minister David Cameron and Labour leader Ed Miliband also sent their sympathies. (they can get tae f*ck)

Glasgow police superintendent Stewart Carle said: “There will be a lot of distressed people. (am no surprised! am distressed just reading this!!) 

It is a road traffic collision with multiple fatalities, it’s a terrible incident. We don’t believe there is anything sinister about the accident.” (WELL I DO!!)

The injured were taken to three hospitals in the city, the Western Infirmary, the Southern General, and the Royal Infirmary.

It is believed the driver was based at the council-run Shieldhall Recycling Centre. Workers at the depot were seen sobbing and making calls on their phones as they digested the news.   (who wrote this pish? Glasgow workmen, who weren’t on the “scene” were seen “sobbing”

Ha ha ha ha ha haa haaaa ha haa!!!  Yeah….. No they weren’t!)

Managers at the gates refused to comment, insisting they had been instructed not to talk. (by whom exactly?)

Emergency services at the scene on Queen Street in Glasgow where a bin lorry lost control and hit pedestrians, some are seriously injured with possible fatalities (Possible fatalities?? 10 lines ago the copper said “collision with multiple fatalities”)

Emergency services at the scene on Queen Street in Glasgow where a bin lorry lost control and hit pedestrians, some are seriously injured with possible fatalities

Panic: Members of the public on Queen Street (PANIC?? WHERE?)

The tragedy comes just over 12 months since a police helicopter crashed on the Clutha pub on the banks of the River Clyde, killing 10 people. (10 people just like the 10 in hospital from here!)

Today’s disaster happened on one of the busiest shopping days of the year. Pipers played in nearby streets, bars and restaurants were full of shoppers enjoying lunch and workers having a Christmas drink.

Children were enjoying the rides at the funfair, a big attraction for families in the Square at this time of year, lit up with festive illuminations.

Shopper Janey Godley explained: “George Square has a fairground, ice rink, Santa’s grotto and the tree and everything.

“It was the most horrible thing to watch, all the ambulances and people in the street, and yet the fairground in the background.

“People just like me had arrived on the most shocking scene they ever wanted to see this Christmas. (scene? As in acting scene?!! & does anyone other than a psychopath, actually WANT to see a “shocking scene”?)

“I was there just as the ambulances had arrived…there was stuff strewn, debris all over the street and Christmas shopping.” (talk shite, there’s no debris til they have set the “scene”)

She added: “People were being worked on, people were fighting for their lives on the pavement.” (for the love o god shut up woman!!)

A police helpline number 01786 289070 has been set up for anyone who has concerns that their family or friends may be involved in the bin lorry incident.









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