Bullingdon Climate Fraud – Fleming’s DEADF007 pedophiles

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Bullingdon Climate Fraud – Fleming’s DEADF007 pedophiles

It’s all about those Bullingdon oath-taking ceremonies that Old Malvernians [notable alumni] don’t get to attend; ceremonies that would have evolved from pedophile beatings which the late Old Etonian oath taker, Ian Fleming, would have attended, and which would have preceded any oaths of loyalty to HMG.

Some historical background on birching at Eton:

Birching at Eton

A more interesting physical effect of these birchings, however, was that frequently, at the end of the flogging, the victim had an erection. Whether this was caused by sexual arousal, or merely by the physical trauma and flow of blood to the area I don’t know. Bearing in mind the shear savagery of the floggings at the school, and that a flogged boy was literally having every square inch of flesh on his buttocks and upper thighs, right up to his anal and perineal region, birched to a raw and bloody pulp, causing involuntary erection is really not surprising.

“Corporal punishment Eton used to be renowned for its use of corporal punishment, generally known as “beating”. In the 16th century, Friday was set aside as “flogging day”. Beating was phased out in the 1980s, the last recorded caning being administered by then Lower Master Jack Anderson to Sebastian Doggart, in January 1984. Until 1964, offending boys could be summoned to the Head Master or the Lower Master, as appropriate, to receive a birching on the bare posterior, in a semi-public ceremony held in the Library, where there was a special wooden birching block over which the offender was held. John Keate, Head Master from 1809 to 1834, took over at a time when discipline was poor. He restored order by vigorous and frequent use of the birch. He is supposed to have flogged 80 boys publicly on one day. Anthony Chenevix-Trench, Head Master from 1964 to 1970, abolished the birch and replaced it with caning, also applied to the bare posterior, which he administered privately in his office. Chenevix-Trench also abolished corporal punishment administered by senior boys. Previously, House Captains were permitted to cane miscreants over the seat of the trousers. This was a routine occurrence, carried out privately with the boy bending over with his head under the edge of a table. Less common but more severe were the canings administered by Pop (see Eton Society below) in the form of a “Pop-Tanning”, in which a large number of hard strokes were inflicted by the President of Pop in the presence of all Pop members. The culprit was summoned to appear in a pair of old trousers, as the caning would cut the cloth to shreds and leave the boy’s buttocks bleeding. This was the most severe form of physical punishment at Eton. Chenevix-Trench’s successor from 1970, Michael McCrum, retained private corporal punishment by masters, but ended the practice of requiring boys to take their trousers and underwear down when bending over to be caned by the Head Master.”

Eton boys when they are out on the rugby field traditionally playing with each other:


Eton Wall Game (1921)


Eton had several “flogging blocks”, which were piece of furniture upon which the boys were birched. This piece of furniture consisted of a block of wood about 2ft high, in the shape of two steps, the lower one being about 10″ from the floor, and the upper one forming the top of the block. When a boy was to be birched, he had to completely remove his trousers and underpants, and mount the block. He did this by kneeling on the lower step, bending forward and resting his belly on the top of the block, and placing his hands flat on the floor on the far side of the block. Once in this position, younger boys would be strapped to hold them firmly in position, with two straps around his calves just below his knees, and another thicker strap around the small of his back, holding his belly firmly against the top of the block, to restrict movement of the boy’s bottom during flogging. The knee straps would normally be placed about 18″ apart, causing the knees to be spread apart. Older boys were expected to hold this position without being strapped.

The Wall Game – The nobility sit back and relax while the commoners do all the work! The holder of the ball is on his hands and knees with the ball between his knees in a submissive position.
(The wall was erected in 1717)
Extra points are awarded for knocking a boy off the wall with a wooden shoe known as a “brattling clog.”

Once in this position, the boy’s bottom was fully exposed, with the buttocks parted, fully exposing his anal cleft, perineal region and scrotum.

Then the flogging would begin. The birches used at Eton were really quite savage instruments. Five feet long (3 feet of handle and 2 feet of “bush”)The “bush” end being about12″ in diameter. They were well soaked in brine to make the twigs supple and strong before use. The strokes (of which up to five dozen could be given in a single flogging)were delivered with the master’s full strength.

Rare view of the Birching Room at Eton College

With the victim in the position described above, each stroke of the birch would totally cover every square inch of the boy’s bottom, with the lower part of the birch lashing the upper thighs and exposed perineal area on virtually every stroke, and stray twigs lashing into the anal cleft between the splayed buttocks. The perineal region is the area between the anus and scrotum, for those who don’t know.

After birching

At the end of a severe flogging, the whole of the victim’s bottom would be a raw and bloody mass of weals, from the small of his back down to his upper thighs, and every bit of flesh in between, including his anal, perineal and scrotal regions. The boy was being flogged “on his bottom”, and I must presume that these areas were considered to part of his “bottom” and therefore fair game. Younger boys (say 11 – 14 years-old) invariably wet[And sometimes soiled.] the flogging block at some point during the flogging.

So, there you have it. Birching at Eton as it really was, without the nastier aspects “hushed up” for the sake of decency. [And the even nastier aspects utilized in Ian Flemming’s pedophile childhood oath taking]


Tom Brown’s canning

Bullingdon Club Members

Old Etonian oath takers including Ian Fleming, Boris Johnson, David Cameron and George Osborne, and their Bullingdon Club associates, including the late King Edwards’ VII and VIII, would have grow up as pedophile victims or predators whose childhood oaths committed them to obey ‘Dearest Warmist Leaders’ in an ‘Age of Stupid‘. [produced by Franny Armstrong; she also produced 10:10]

Check out Ian Fleming’s M.O. for ‘T-Force‘ which allegedly included inserting DEADFOOT [DEADF007] saboteurs within a target organization such as HMG or, more recently, the EU, to neutralise its response to a T-Force attack by the Stupid Warmist pedophiles.

Ian Fleming – Eton – M.O.: Inserting ‘DEADF007’ pedophile saboteurs – (he also wrote books for children)

“Following the success of 30 Assault Unit, it was decided to establish a “Target Force”, which became known as T-Force. Fleming sat on the committee that selected the targets for this unit, helping to create what were known as the “Black Books” which were issued to the officers of this unit. The infantry component of T-Force was in part made up of the 5th Battalion of the King’s Regiment, which supported the British 2nd Army. It was responsible for securing targets of interest to the British military. These included nuclear laboratories, gas research centres and individual rocket scientists. The unit’s most notable coup was during the advance on the German port of Kiel, where it captured the research centre for German rocket engines used for missiles, fighters and high speed U Boats. Ian Fleming was to use elements of this activity in his 1955 James Bond novel Moonraker. The story of T-Force and Fleming’s connection to its work remained unknown until it was revealed in Sean Longden‘s book T-Force, the Race for Nazi War Secrets, 1945, published in 2009″.

The signature of Ian Fleming‘s DEADF007 pedophiles, is all over the transformation of the Met Office into an MoD trading arm, thereby allowing Bullingdon Club oath takers to share in the profits of the Stupid Climate Fraud.

Sit up straight, you miserable little wretch! You turn my stomach. Where is your self-respect?

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