Is Putin the REAL Putin?

& If not, is that a good or a bad thing? Does it actually matter either way?

Putin has me stumped! Good guy or bad guy?

Saviour of the world or controlled opposition?

Is he even the same bloke?

Take a look & decide for yourself….

Lyudmila Putin:my husband is long dead

German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview the former first lady of Russia Lyudmila Putina.


My husband unfortunately already long dead. I had to admit it publicly, because it can no longer see what’s happening on his behalf. It’s terrifying people. They are not before will not stop. I am afraid that now they will kill me and daughters as well as killed him.


 Our family was not ideal. When I married, I had a crush on officer-Scout. But the reality proved very different. Putin turned out to be vile, cruel man, a tyrant. He never considered me, just noticed my existence. I was need it only for reference on the composition of the family and as a mother to his children. It’s hard for me to talk about it, but Putin beat me, demeaned, mocked me. Life with him was torture.

I tried to fight, not once was going to file for divorce. But for this person there was nothing Holy. To get me to silence it passed me in a psychiatric clinic. I went through all the circles of hell. Drugs, psychotropic substances, bullying. I was locked up for a long time in prison and I had not seen sunlight for a long time, never seen people. Still remember it with a shudder. From young and self-confident woman I turned into shadow, my will was broken, I sogalsilas′ to all the conditions, only to come out from there.

But what started after his death generally defies description.
He then was a difficult period. I certainly told nothing, became even more introverted. A month before his death, at night, without warning took daughters — I don’t even know where.


And then he is gone. At night we came home to some people — someone I knew, someone had seen for the first time. Dug up all the upside, revised papers, all the walls in the House prostučali. They told me only one thing: “If you want to live — be quiet.” All questions about her husband briefly responded that he will soon come that it important retreat and that in the interests of national security to me is not worth it to discuss with anyone. A few days later appeared his first … understudy. Then I learned that the murder of Vladimir was prepared ahead of time, it removed when the first double was almost ready to take his place. Outwardly, he certainly was very similar to Putin — I was impressed. But it was a completely different person.

They somehow managed to hunt down girls. And I have put forward an ultimatum — either I play the role of a devoted wife, or neither me nor daughters no longer live. I had no choice. I first tried to avoid public events. Corrosive journalists ‘ attention, intrigue and gossip — it all sickens me. But pretend wife stranger I was even scarier.


So they prepared a look-alike for me is that when I said something wrong, as planned under the scenario, ‘ hidden harm. If they had managed to bring my twin to more-or-less successful similarities, I would have killed for a long time.

Miraculously we managed to escape. For obvious reasons I can’t call people who have helped us to stop this terrible mock and escape. “Divorce” was my deliverance. Now I live abroad, I’m good. But I’m scared to watch what happens with Russia.

People come to your senses! You live like beggars, barely keep ends meet because you mercilessly obovorovyvaût and cheat. And now there is a question of the survival of the indigenous people of Russia. If you no longer feel frightened and ignore what is happening in the country, you don’t live.



Last Year WorldTruth.Tv published an article titled  ‘NWO Attempted Assassination of Vladimir Putin, But Got the Wrong Plane‘ and i got a lot of slack for publishing the truth. Now the elite have completed their agenda, they actually got to Vladimir Putin and he was killed and replaced with a body double.The German newspaper Die Welt published a sensational interview with former First Lady of Russia Lyudmila Putina.






4 thoughts on “IS PUTIN REALLY PUTIN?

  1. Since the moment I have read about MH17 and that Putin’s plane was flying on the same route, as has been described in the link you gave above, I knew in my heart that that presidential plane was the target. And my intuition has never failed me in all my 67 years.

  2. You’ve done a very thorough analysis. For the past few months, actually since about November last year, I have begun to seriously doubt the Putin we have come to know as the President of Russia. A huge concern is (i) his talks with Israel’s president and PM, (2) his invitation to the Jews of Europe to come to Russia to settle there as in years long gone by (Khazaria was in southern part of Russia and was a Jewish state), (3) his talks with S/Arabia, the latter being deep into genocide in Yemen,(4) in spite of all the crimes of S/Arabia against life of humans even in their own country, they have an important role to play in the UN – I believe at Putin’s behest, (4) about 3 months ago Putin was visited by the very aged Henry Kissinger, whom we know is a mind-control programmer/controller/handler.

    1. I HOPE he is the man he is makin himsel out to be.. But i aint gonna bank on him. The people need 2 solve the worlds problems. No one man can do that. Humanity needs 2 get a damn grip & stop lookin 2 the perpetrators 2 “fix” the problems they have caused

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