Ex Cop ‘on hunt’ for Murderer of Nairn Banker, Alistair Wilson

18th Dec 2015 12pm | last update 7th Nov 2017 4.10pm


This case gets sillier & sillier as the years go on.. Just yet another example of Police Scotland’s corrupt / inept handling of cases. 

PAUL? REALLY? & what, they didn’t think to tell the general public this before now? BULLSHITE.

The man was shot, EVEN I KNOW IT WAS A HIRED HIT.  & yet Scot Cops go around swabbing THOUSANDS of locals? WTF? If they don’t know there is NO WAY a local shot him then they are fucking stupid. 

Had a local had some sort of grievance against Mr Wilson, they may perhaps started a fight wi him & even possibly hit him over the head wi a bit of 4 x 2!! THEY WOULD NOT HAVE gone too his door & shot him at point blank range in broad daylight!!

& lets not forget about the 3 brand spanking new CCTV cameras that COINCIDENTALLY, ALL BROKE 10 MINS BEFORE the murder… & the “faulty” equipment that meant the 999 call wasn’t recorded, but then we were told it was recorded??

& as for the suspect, he’s been described as..  “between 35-40, stocky and clean shaven and wearing a baseball cap.”  Funny that, cause he sounds VERY LIKE the suspicious looking bloke that was reported to have boarded the Inverness to Nairn bus at Inverness Bus station that day? He got off in Nairn too….  So what about Inverness bus station CCTV?? 

Then on top of that we have psychic coppers claiming they WILL solve the crime in two seconds flat!! How do they KNOW that? THEY DON’T!  IT’S ALL BOLLOX.

Meanwhile, EVERY YEAR they pull out the latest “appeal” & it costs the tax payer THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS for Scot Cops NOT to solve the murder… 

IT IS ABSOLUTELY FUCKING RIDICULOUS. Anyoo.. here’s some of what we have been told to date…..

Nov 7th 2017

HGFHEKEhttp://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-41889010     http://archive.is/tqrC9 


Oct 23rd 2017


OCT 1st 2017


Former cop close to cracking one of Scotland’s most notorious murders  http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/former-cop-close-solving-one-11266725   http://archive.is/hYeSU


LEFT  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4096805.stm

RIGHT  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4093375.stm


Veronica: (Screaming) My husband’s been shot. Dad, get the kids. (Screaming) My husband’s been shot. Get the kids. (Screaming)

Operator: Do you need the fire, police or ambulance?

Veronica: My husband’s been shot. (Followed by indecipherable screaming)

Operator: Excuse me I can’t hear you, do you want the fire, police or ambulance?

Veronica: Oh my God! (Then gives address)

Operator: Who do you want to speak to, the fire, police or ambulance?

Veronica: Police and ambulance, my husband’s just been shot!

A transcript of the interview between child psychologist Helen Kenward and the murder victim’s son, Andrew Wilson, who was aged four at the time, has also been released.

Helen: And so where did daddy go then?

Andrew: To the hospital.

Helen: And what do you think has happened now?

Andrew: Still in the hospital and, and, and I think he’s okay.

Helen: Do you think we should ask mummy if he’s okay? Mmm? Do you want to know if he’s okay? (Andrew nods his head)

Helen: What do you think mum? (Veronica acknowledges with a nod of the head to Helen)

Helen: Sweetheart. You need to come and sit and have a cuddle with mum. Cause daddy isn’t okay. You know when you said you heard the big bang? And that daddy was shot.

Andrew (sitting on Veronica’s knee): Yes.

Helen: Well daddy’s not going to come back.

Andrew: Why?

Helen: Because the shot made him dead. 


Mr and Mrs Wilson were preparing to put their two young sons to bed on the evening of Nov 28 when the killer struck.

Mrs Wilson answered the door and fetched her husband after the man asked for him by name.

The two men exchanged a few words and the man handed him a blue envelope which Mr Wilson took inside the house. After speaking to his wife, he went back to the door and returned the envelope.

He was then shot three times at close range before the man fled on foot.

The gunman is said to be aged 35 to 40, stocky and clean shaven. He was wearing a baseball hat.

Last December, Mrs Wilson spoke for the first time about her husband’s death, saying she was “in absolute disbelief” and could not understand why anyone would have wanted to kill him.

“To have lost my husband in more ordinary circumstances would be hard. But we can’t explain this. How can I explain this to my boys?” she said. “There is no reason why this was done just after the boys had gone to bed. Alistair has been reading them stories.

“They have taken everything away from us.”

She said they were a “regular couple” and described her husband as a hard-working, conscientious and loving man with a good sense of humour. He enjoyed playing golf and was devoted to his family.

Mr Wilson’s killing shocked the small seaside town of Nairn. It was the first murder there in 20 years. Originally from Ayrshire, Mr Wilson joined the Bank of Scotland as a graduate and is understood to have resigned from the bank shortly before his death to set up a business in Nairn.  http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/uknews/1502049/The-moment-shot-bankers-son-was-told-Daddys-not-coming-back.html




Thurs 27 Nov 2014

THE contents of a mystery envelope handed to banker Alistair Wilson moments before being shot dead on his own doorstep in the Highlands may be revealed by cops after being kept secret for 10 years.
The detective leading a new strategic review into the murder in the seaside town of Nairn says he may release details of the elusive envelope which the banker was given before being executed.
There has been continuous calls for more information about the contents of the turquoise-coloured envelope to be made public.
Detectives who have led the murder hunt over the last decade have refused to offer any details about the envelope and what it contained.
“If it doesn’t harm the investigation then there would be no reason not to share the limited information that we have.”
It comes as a former undercover cop, Peter Bleksley, a founder member of Scotland Yard’s undercover unit in the 1980s, said the killer’s note could unlock the key to the mysterious murder.
The killer arrived at the door of the Wilson home in Crescent Road on the evening of Sunday, 28 November, 2004.
Mrs Wilson answered, and the stocky character wearing a baseball hat asked for her husband by name.
Thirty-year-old Alistair went to the door then, according to his wife, returned inside with the envelope, before going back to speak to the caller.
He was then gunned down.
The envelope was never recovered, and it is believed the killer fled with it.
A cold case expert and former policeman, Peter Bleksley, a founder member of Scotland Yard’s undercover unit in the 1980s, believes it is now time to reveal the details.

Mr Bleksley, a leading commentator on crime who regularly appears on TV and radio as an expert, said: “What I’d really like now is for Police Scotland to release the information relating to the blue envelope. What was in the envelope? What was written on it? I can understand them withholding that information 10 years ago, but now the police should release that information as a matter of course. It must be relevant.”
Mr Bleksley, now a director and co-owner of a business intelligence company, added: “Releasing this evidence for the first time could give someone the confidence to come forward and it might solve this case. Whatever was in the envelope I think could be the key to unlocking this case.”
This week, Police Scotland announced it was holding what is known as a homicide governance review.
The review is looking at previous investigations of the case to ascertain if all possible lines of inquiry have been thoroughly exhausted.
It is already eight weeks in, and should be completed “within weeks” according to DSC Flannigan.
Mr Wilson’s family said this week they feared the killer would strike again.
Mr Wilson’s widow, Veronica, his parents Alan and Joan and his sister Jillian, said: “Despite years of searching for answers, the question which always remains is why? We are confident that someone, somewhere knows the identity of Alistair’s killer, a man who is still at large. He has killed once. He may kill again, and cause another family the heartbreak we have endured.”   http://m.scotsman.com/news/scotland/top-stories/alistair-wilson-murder-call-to-reveal-envelope-1-3618264




 Alistair Wilson murder investigation TIMELINE

  • Nov 28, 2004 – Alistair Wilson is shot on his doorstep at about 7.15pm. He later dies at Raigmore Hospital in Inverness.
  • Nov 29 – Police launch a manhunt and issue a description of the killer.
  • Dec 5 – Police set up roadblocks in Nairn, questioning everyone.
  • Dec 6 – £10,000 reward offered for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the killer.
  • Dec 8 – Road sweepers find a gun in a drain at Nairn’s Seabank Road, within a mile of the murder scene.
  • Dec 10 – Veronica Wilson makes a tearful plea to the public over the murder.
  • Dec 20 – Hundreds attend a memorial service in Nairn. Mrs Wilson says the killing will “haunt” her.
  • Feb 4, 2005 – Police take DNA samples from 150 people who were in the area.
  • Feb 17 – Mrs Wilson denies any involvement in the killing.
  • April 6 – Funeral for Mr Wilson at St Andrew’s Episcopal Church in Fort William.
  • April 12 – Police release picture of pistol used by murderer.
  • Nov – Recording of 999 call made by Mrs Wilson on night of murder released.
  • Jan 2006 – Police say they believe the gun and ammunition were smuggled into the country.
  • Feb – Senior officers visit Europe as part of inquiries to trace the gun and ammunition.
  • Oct – Detectives reveal they have traced the man who supplied the weapon, but records do not go back far enough to reveal who bought it.
  • June 2007 – DNA testing of about 1,000 men begins.
  • Nov 2012 – Scotland’s new top police officer, Chief Constable Steven House, says the single force may try to crack the region’s biggest unsolved cases, including Mr Wilson’s killing.
  • Sept 2013 – Police launch a new appeal for information about the murder weapon.

Veronica Wilson, Frontline interview

The widow of murdered Highland banker Alistair Wilson has renewed her appeal for anyone who could help track down his killer to contact police.

Almost a year after Mr Wilson was shot dead on the doorstep of his Nairn home, his wife Veronica said she was still mystified by his death. Mrs Wilson said she needed to have a “reason” for the shooting so she could explain it to her young sons. She also again denied that she was involved in her husband’s killing. The 33-year-old mother-of-two said she could not understand why people would think she had something to do with his murder.

She said: “I suppose now looking at it, it makes sense for people on the outside to look at it, but it just doesn’t make any sense to me, knowing our situation, that why would I have done this? You know, what was the game? The only fact I can share with them is that somebody came to our home to kill their daddy” Veronica Wilson

In another interview for Grampian TV’s Unsolved series, she added: “I find it hard to believe that people out there could actually think that I have anything to do with this.Mrs Wilson’s comments are made in an interview for a BBC Scotland Frontline documentary about the murder.

“I am a mother – I have two children that have lost their father. How could I take away my two sons’ father?”

999 call

On Tuesday, police investigating the killing released Mrs Wilson’s plea for help in a 999 call following her husband’s murder. They also showed the footage of the moments when one of the couple’s young sons was told of his father’s death.

Alistair Wilson & wife VeronicaVeronica and Alistair Wilson

Mrs Wilson told Frontline: “If anybody knows anything at all, if they don’t want to get involved, there is a way of passing this information on to the police.”

“How much easier it will be if I had a reason to tell them and not just say that I don’t know who did this or why they did this.She asked people to think of the day when her sons asked why their father was murdered. The only fact I can share with them is that somebody came to our home to kill their daddy. An answer will never bring Alistair back, it will never fix this, but it will allow us to have some reason and some closure and to move on in some way.”

‘Appeal to conscience’

Police consulted Mrs Wilson before deciding to release the material in the hope that it would shake the conscience of anyone with information.

Detective Chief Inspector Peter MacPhee, of Northern Constabulary, said:

“To be honest I would not be expecting to get an eye witness at this stage. I am hoping to appeal to the conscience of someone who knows of a partner, brother, a friend, an associate, a work colleague, somebody who they suspect is involved in this, but for some reason has not come forward until this point. Having seen this footage I am hoping it will move them to do so.”

Mr Wilson, a 30-year-old business banking manager with the Bank of Scotland, was shot by a mystery caller as he was preparing his two young sons for bed on 28 November 2004.

The gun was recovered from a drain near Mr Wilson’s home 10 days after the murder but it has not provided useful DNA evidence.

‘Who shot Alistair Wilson?’ is on BBC One Scotland at 1900 GMT on Wednesday, 2 November. http://www.bbc.co.uk/go/scotland/player/int/frontline_2005/-/scotland/player/?item=4449171

Unsolved – Alistair Wilson is being shown on ITV in Scotland at 2200 GMT on Thursday, 3 November.

We asked what you thought of the decision to release the tape of Mrs Wilson’s 999 call & of the video of her son being told his father was dead.  http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/scotland/4398734.stm

2013 APPEAL http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2013/september/fresh_appeal_issued_in_murder_investigation/

2014 APPEAL http://www.scotland.police.uk/whats-happening/news/2014/november/police-scotland-update-on-alistair-wilson-murder-investigation

imageNovember 28, 2014 – 10th anniversary of Mr Wilson’s death.

Alistair Wilson Killer Was MASTER Hitman

Nairn Murder Team Racks Up £30,000 Costs PER MONTH




MAY 2016

Psychic Premonition of New Inverness TopCop  https://spidercatweb.wordpress.com/2016/05/05/inverness-gets-new-topcop-he-is-psychic-psycho-delete-as-required/

MAY 13th 2016


NOV 17th 2016



Police also said detectives investigating the murder had claimed £5,424.25 in expenses in the period, including spending £2,273.70 on overtime, £2,419.65 on hotel accommodation and £317.32 on travel.

The murderer was described as between 35-40, stocky and clean shaven and wearing a baseball cap.  https://www.pressandjournal.co.uk/fp/news/inverness/1086500/detectives-take-73-new-witness-statements-in-alistair-wilson-murder-probe/

28th Nov 2016

POLICE insist they remain “absolutely committed” to finding the killer of banker Alistair Wilson – 12 years after he was gunned down on his doorstep.

The 30-year-old died after being shot outside his home in Nairn, Inverness.

On the evening Mr Wilson was shot, his wife opened the door to a stocky man, aged 35-40, wearing a dark jacket and baseball cap, who asked for her husband by name.

Mr Wilson spoke to the man and then went back inside to speak to his wife before returning to the door, where he was shot. He died at 8.15pm in hospital.

Despite extensive police inquiries, no-one has been arrested and charged with his murder.

In a statement Police Scotland said:

“Following a review of the Alistair Wilson murder under homicide governance processes introduced by Police Scotland, the investigation remains active and ongoing. We will consider all forensic and investigative opportunities. We remain absolutely committed to tracing the person responsible for Alistair’s death and continue to ask the public for any information which might assist us.”   http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/police-remain-absolutely-committed-finding-9350935

Police ‘committed’ to finding killer of Nairn banker BBC News  http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-highlands-islands-38105346

30th Nov 2016

screenshot_20161202-102729Police investigating the murder of a banker shot dead on his doorstep 12 years ago have received new information following a radio show about the case.

Father-of-two Alistair Wilson, 30, was gunned down in Nairn in the Highlands on November 28, 2004, as he prepared his children for bed.

The murder of the 30-year-old remains unsolved despite an extensive police investigation which remains “active and ongoing”.

Police Scotland recently received information from the BBC after an anonymous caller phoned the John Beattie show as it discussed the case.

Officers said the information from the call, which was not broadcast live, will be “thoroughly investigated”. 

Detective Superintendent Gary Cunningham said: “The investigation into the murder of Alistair Wilson remains active and ongoing. We will continue to consider all forensic and investigative opportunities as well as appeal to anyone who has any information about Alistair’s death which could help this inquiry to come forward.  We remain absolutely committed to tracing the person responsible and remain in regular contact with Alistair’s family through a family liaison officer and provide support and updates as the investigation continues.”

On the evening Mr Wilson was shot, his wife opened the door to a stocky man, aged 35-40, wearing a dark jacket and baseball cap and holding an envelope. He asked for her husband by name.

Mr Wilson spoke to the man and then went back inside to speak to his wife before returning to the door, where he was shot.

He died later that evening in hospital.

The gun was recovered from a drain near Mr Wilson’s home 10 days after his murder. http://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/news/scottish-news/cops-probe-new-lead-nairn-9365233

2nd Dec 2016


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10 thoughts on “Ex Cop ‘on hunt’ for Murderer of Nairn Banker, Alistair Wilson

  1. OK, so WHY ON EARTH have the police not ever released a composite image/drawing of the suspect? A man acting suspiciously was seen on a bus between Inverness and Nairn on the night of the shooting, not to mention the stocky man who came to the door of Alastair Wilson’s home.
    Surely even after all of this time having passed it could still be worth a shot?!?

  2. At least here with this case, there are Police investigating, which is commendable. And I can assure anyone knowing and reading about this – even the family of the murdered man – life and time has a way of spewing out the name and identity of a killer. I am saying this while remembering what happened in my own life: my own father was shot point-blank by a man who got away. Since I was but 3 years old and present when it happened, I don’t know if there was any investigation into the murder, but I doubt it. Time, however came to my own aid and 63 years later I myself recognized the face of the killer. I know exactly who he is and where he is to be found and very soon will I disclose this to the world. Justice will be served.
    So we learn from the stories and lives of others, how our own life stories are lived out to the end and even though we would rather have had the horror never happened, at least now we have the consolation that our sorrows and sufferings will be avenged by the simple act of LIFE.

    1. Yeah…
      Susan Henderson lives in Nairn
      Nairn has ALOT of paedo considering size o place..
      And the MASSIVE police cover up?!
      Your probably right, about money laundering.

      But.. I have the distinct stench of paedo that I canny shift…

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