Simon Cowell a Paedophile?? (part 2)


WHO IS GRETA BLACKETT?  As you can see, Greta is Sinitta’s TWIN sister  



So, I am just wondering…  

How come Sinitta is FIVE YRS OLDER than her TWIN sister?!!  Unless..

SOMEONE’S LYING?!! So why on earth would Sinitta lie to make herself FIVE YRS OLDER?

According to Greta, they were born on 19th Oct 1968. The Mirror agrees

Simon’s exact age to date (17/02/17) is    57 yrs 4 mnths & 10 days  see here 

Sinitta’s exact age to date (17/02/17) is   48 yrs 3 mnths & 29 days  see here

They met in 1982..  Therefore

Sinitta was only 14  &  Simon was 23

W T F ?    Sounds like paedo to me!

Well, that answers the question as to why Sinitta lied about her age! But I need to dig deeper to work out exactly how old she was when they met…

Sinitta talks of their relationship

imageimageIn full here

imageimageIn Full Heresisi.JPGpo

Above is an extract from

The article not only suggests the abortion may have been pre 1984 but it also states $initta was signed to Simon’s label in 1985 but ‘Cruising’ was released in 1984  archive

Fanfare Records Wiki states   “British record label that was founded by Iain Burton (dancer in The Young Generation, manager of Arlene Phillips and co-founder of Hot Gossip) and Simon Cowell (which made Cowell’s first break in the music industry). Burton and Cowell worked together at Fanfare Records for eight years. The label[1] was most successful during the 1980s. The label’s biggest success came with SinittaIn the 1980s, the company launched, and the first release was “Don’t Beat Around The Bush” by Hot Gossip in 1984.[2] This was after the departure of Sarah Brightman, and the new incarnation of the band which included Sinitta, prior to her recording solo with Fanfare.”

Bur Sinitta’s wiki says   “In 1983 Sinitta released the singles ‘Break Me Into Little Pieces’ (youtube) and ‘Don’t Beat Around the Bush’ (youtube) with dance troupe Hot Gossip. That same year, she also appeared in the video of “Rock the Boat” (youtube) sung by Forrest. She continued to release singles throughout 1984 and 1985, and also participated in 1984’s A Song for Europe, the UK competition to find an entry for the Eurovision Song Contest, with “Imagination”.[7]

It also states    “Sinitta trained at the Legat Russian Ballet School, and at LAMDAShe began in show business by appearing in the musical The Wiz[citation] and the movie Shock Treatment released on Halloween 1981, and her West End credits include Cats, Little Shop of Horrors, Smokey Joe’s Cafe, Hair, Masquerade and Mutiny! On 24 December 1982, Sinitta appeared on the TV programme The Tube as a dancer with Imagination[5] 

THE TUBE  episode  #1.8  aired 24 Dec 1982   Sinitta listed as crew/cast archive

You can even watch on youtube & This YouTube video shows Sinitta on TVAM in 1984

Imagination – A Song for Europe 1984 archive  You can listen below  or even here!

Sinitta’s DOB is 19th Oct 1968.  Euro selection date  was April 4th 1984 where Sinitta came 4th!! Aged 15 years & 5 months 

So in 1982 when she met Simon & started “DATING” him, Sinitta was exactly how old??

Well, for 10 MONTHS of 1982 Sinitta was 13. She didn’t turn 14 until OCTOBER 1982

Top 10 things you need to know about the Dancing On Ice star  8 JAN 2010 

lk archive





1979 with members of the Zimmelstern family in Antigua source  1st pic



on simon cowell online the wee girl has been cut out of pic…. wonder why? & you know you’re on to something when they remove their own webpage!!


Indecent Assault Convictions

WATCH Max Clifford admits to covering up Child Abuse


Simon in 1982

image In Full Here



W i l d C a t



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