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  1. Luxury leisure development within former Highland abbey damaged
  2. Fire damages Loch Ness abbey that became luxury complex




Luxury leisure development within former abbey damaged by fire p & j 10.10.16

Fire crews at the scene at Fort Augustus Abbey

Part of a luxury leisure facility within a former Highland abbey has been partially destroyed by fire.

Firefighters spent almost five hours at the former St Benedict’s Abbey in Fort Augustus after a fire was reported in the sauna.
The former grand building at the southern end of Loch Ness now serves as holiday accommodation, complete with leisure facilities.
A spokesman for the fire service confirmed that the steam room of the facility had been destroyed in a small fire, which other parts of the sauna area had suffered smoke damage.  Nobody was injured in the incident.
Crews from Fort Augustus, Fort William and a specialist unit from Inverness attended at the scene and spent hours after extinguishing the fire checking the building for any spread.
A spokesman for the fire service said: ‚ÄúThere was a fire in a sauna within a leisure club area at the abbey.¬†‚ÄúThe steam room was destroyed and there was some smoke damage to the rest of the area.‚ÄĚ
Crews finally left the scene at around 4.30pm after a thorough check of the area.
No evidence of the damage could seen from the outside of the grand A-listed building. The abbey was formerly used as a monastery and school by Benedictine monks.
It was built on the site of a former fort which was erected to aid of the suppression of the Jacobite cause.
It operated as a school until 1993 and the monks left in 1998 after an attempt to use parts of the abbey as a tourist attraction failed to generate sufficient income.
The abbey was initially sold to a consortium involving TV personality and naturalist Terry Nutkins.
They in turn sold the buildings to The Santon Group, which carried out a £30million conversion to create high-end holiday apartments and private residences.
The facility is now known as The Highland Club and also includes luxury leisure facilities including the indoor pool, steam room and sauna, as well as outdoor sporting facilities such as table tennis, badminton, croquet, boules and football. SOURCE

Oddly, that’s not the only MAJOR fire in Fort Augustus within the past year…

On 26th Oct 2015 – 351 days before the Abbey fire – the Medical Centre burnt to the ground!

 A Highland medical centre was destroyed by a ferocious blaze. The alarm was raised when smoke was seen billowing from the Cill Chuimein Medical Centre yesterday. Fire crews spent most of the afternoon battling the blaze. It took about three hours to bring it under control. The two-storey building’s roof collapsed but it was empty at the time and no one was injured in the incident. It was reported shortly before midday and was out just before 3.10pm, but firefighters remained at the scene afterwards to check for hotspots. A spokesman for the police said officers were liaising with the fire service in connection with the incident. A joint investigation into the cause of the blaze is expected to be launched.
Spokeswoman for the fire service said: ‚ÄúThe health centre was 95% fire damaged, so pretty much destroyed, and 100% smoke and water damaged. We had crews from Fort Augustus, Foyers, Drumnadrochit and also the aerial platform from¬†Inverness¬†all attending. They used two hose jets and two hose reel jets, four pieces of breathing apparatus and one additional jet from the platform. We got the call at 11.47am. The message that the fire was under control was at 3.09pm. Our crews returned to their stations at 7.15pm.‚ÄĚ
Fire at the Cill Chuimein medical centre in Fort Augustus.Fire at the Cill Chuimein medical centre in Fort Augustus.

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Health centre fire “not suspicous” say fire brigade¬†¬†¬†27th Oct 2015


Considering NO INVESTIGATORS had attended the scene yet, how on earth did they know it wasn’t suspicious? “Not thought to be started deliberately¬†

Just wonderin, cause I genuinely don’t know,

but emmm… is it standard practice for a member of¬†Fire brigade to guesstimate cause & then give their NON FACT BASED OPINION to the general¬†public??

Mind though, I am sure once the investigation team got going, they would’ve investigated that place to¬†within an inch o its life! I mean, we all know, they¬†will leave¬†“NO STONE UNTURNED” before they come to their original, but now final conclusion of “NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES” {I so love¬†both those¬†phrases,¬† Seriously, I don’t hear them nearly often enough!}

Going by the station manager’s comment¬†about salvaging¬†SOME computer equipment, we can safely assume that means¬†some wasn’t saved. I hope there weren’t patient files stored in any o the computer equipment that was lost? Cause that would be awful.¬† Actually, I wonder if they had¬†any old¬†files, ya know, on paper? If they did have, they would all be gone.

Health centre to RISE FROM THE ASHES   Jul 6th 2016

“Rise from the ashes?” That’ll be that bloody phoenix again!¬†D’ya know, that poor phoenix must spend majority of its life¬†in ashes, cause I tell you, it is forever rising from them! {The phrase itself is very¬†under used, in fact so much so, it’s almost on a par wi no stone unturned!}

GP surgery set up in manse after health centre fire   28 Oct 2015

Community bid for final piece of funding 5th sept 2016


Of course there is absolutely NO WAY this could possibly have anything¬†to do with either of the fires….


Read In Full Here    View P & J Article

Savile & The Fort Augustus Abbey Paedo

Fort Augustus / St Benedicts Abbey 

leftrA mere 15 miles¬†north of Fort Augustus, along General Wade Road, ¬†is Aleister¬†Crowely’s Boleskine House. One mile further is Inverfaraig where¬†the ALIEN JESUS CULT¬†lives! Apparently, they are a “good cult”¬† ¬†Aye…¬†¬† okay then…¬† Doubt I’ll be asking them to babysit anytime soon!
Now the strangest of strangeness.. by complete & utter coincidence… On the 22nd of Dec 2015, Boleskine house ALSO mysteriously went on fire! &¬†IT TOO was burnt to the ground!! & it¬†ALSO had NO SUSPICIOUS CIRCUMSTANCES! Funny that eh?!¬†
As far as I’m aware, the Fire brigade¬†have never publically said what caused it, last I heard they didn’t know.¬†But they¬†knew within minutes though that¬†IT DEFINATELY WASN’T¬† SUSPICIOUS. They’re¬†good eh? They can tell within seconds –¬†just by glancing at a fire – whether it was¬†deliberately started or not. It’s impressive stuff ya know.
invA further 14-15 miles north along the A829 is Inverness, Capital o the Highlands. If you were to do the full circuit & come back down the west side o the loch on the A82, you would pass Drumnadrochit, Urquhart Castle, Invermoriston & back to Fort Augustus. The complete circuit is a total of 66 miles. It is EXACLY 33 miles each side!! Anyone like a hair splitting contest?

Actually, Fort Augustus has¬†had way more than its fair share o “news” recently,¬† especially when you consider the size & population of the place.¬†According to¬†Highland Council,¬†in 2011 Fort Augustus had a grand total of 684 people! So at a¬†rough guesstimate I’d say approx 200-250 houses.

In 2015/2016¬†there’s been¬†2 fires &¬†the partial¬†trial of¬†Thomas Seed the¬†paedo monk ..¬† Add to that, on May 25th 2016 MSM reported that¬†Female Ex soldier, Lanna Monaghan {34}¬†-who was living in FA- had been abusing a wee baby. BITCH ADMITTED USING AN ELECTRIC DOG COLLAR ON HIM¬† She only got jailed for 3 years & 4 months Which I suppose we kinda have to be grateful for,¬†cause as it turned out, she was bloody pregnant wi her 1st child!

There’s clearly been A LOT¬†happening. Busy wee place Fort Augustus!



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